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Ive been really really slacking on taking pictures of Linc lately!  It’s soo bad and I feel like such a bad momma!

I usually ALWAYS have at least a handful of images from each month that I can sort through for his yearly album but since October… I really haven’t used my camera for anything other than sessions.

I do have a lot of cell phone images and a ton of videos.  He is a handful right now and his words and sentences and actions… oh my!  It’s GOLD… stuff I could never try to even capture on my own and in my own words.  Video is the only way I could ever do it justice.  However, I do need to remember to put my big camera to use of my own family!  I do need to sit down and work on his album again!  I need to make the time!

Tuesday and Thursday’s are our days!  We spend the time however we please, whether we are creating mischief around the house or bouncing back and forth the various activities he loves to do each week!

Yesterday my mom and I took him to see the big guy!  His first visit ever was AMAZING!  He was the perfect little elf and he adored Santa!  Last year… not so much!  He had full on stranger danger and the pictures are worth a million bucks.

I was a little worried this year.  Linc is a lot like me.  He likes to be prepared and know “the plan” for the day.  I started early with him this year and my  mom and I started talking up this visit on Monday night!  We gave him the run down of what he was going to do in a serious play by play kind of deal.

Tuesday morning, Linc was ready to go!  “I go see santa!!!!”

It was all he could talk about!

Let’s just say, this year was a success!  You be the judge:


This year:

I think the santa talk up def. helped!!!

Bonus:  we even got a family pic!!!

So after our visit yesterday I’m feeling less like a scrooge and more into the Christmas spirit!  Who knows:  maybe I’ll even decorate the house this weekend!!!


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