A Mini Exploration (and fits of laughter) |Family Holiday Mini Session


I’ve known these two for a long long time!  I’ve known Todd since before I can remember… elementary school days and I can’t even begin to tell you what class or grade we met in.  Maybe it was Ms. Jeavons class or maybe even before.  I do remember that growing up from the time I was at least 7 or 8, there wasn’t one class I didn’t have with Todd!  Our classes included from the time we graduated elementary to school through middle, high school, and on through college!

It’s funny because during our session, Shelley and Todd reminded me of the time that Todd drove a few of us home for Christmas break in college.  He had been telling Shelley the story of how he was being pulled over for speeding and how I was actually really excited in the back seat of the car because I had never been pulled over before!

What’s crazier is that I remember Shelley and Todd meeting!  I remember being in class with them both together!  I remember Shelley in middle school and all of us just grew up together, knowing each other’s stories!

It wasn’t until some time ago that Todd and Shelley started dating, got married and started their GORGEOUS family!

Growing up all together, I can’t believe we never thought of it sooner… Shelley and Todd together?!  They are so perfect for one another!  It’s easy to say… gosh we waited too long or why not sooner?  So many years gone by where we could have been with each other and shared that time together!

I really do believe though that timing is everything, and after meeting their two seriously handsome boys:  I know for SURE that the timing was absolutely spot on!

I don’t want to share too many of their session because I know it’s a holiday mini with pictures possibly being saved for Christmas cards and things!

So here are just a few of my favorites!!!

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