It’s a crazy life!


It’s a crazy life… running a business (or trying to) out of your house, running after a crazy yet wonderful toddler and also a husband who is in and out and all about!

It’s a wonderful life!  One I’m always feeling the need to capture every single second in detail.

Maybe it’s because life is flying past us all at such a rapid rate!   I mean gosh, when I look back at the images I have of Linc he just looks like such a baby compared to this big boy he is at this moment.

Maybe it’s because of the time Tuck was away and I truly learned to appreciate the value of having moments captured!  How photography can truly allow you to be present in the moment when you aren’t physically able to do so.

Maybe it’s the time I spent working at the children’s hospital and learning that life is incredibly precious, too precious to ever take even one second for granted!  No matter what those seconds bring (laughter, tears or tantrums) those moments are all beautiful in the grand scheme of things.

No matter what this reason behind my need to document our life, I really truly appreciate it!  Sometimes though, there does come a point where I need to learn some balance.

So a goal for myself (a few months earlier than usual) but a goal for this upcoming year none the less.  Our moments are special and precious.  They do need to be saved and cared for;  but they also need to be participated in 100%.

I need to find that balance between behind the camera and in front of the camera.  I need to find the balance of picking up the camera and capturing that moment and then releasing it to go and participate and enjoy in it!

Tuck is always telling me this and we laugh about it a little.  But he’s right!  This IS a crazy life, enjoy all the moments both behind and away from the gear!


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