Amber, Adam, Jordyn and Blake- Pungo Family Session


Meeeeet one of my favorite families:  Amber, Adam, Jordyn and Blake!  There are a super fun family with girls that can hang out with any one imaginable!  I love that these girls can dress up and be oh my gosh beautiful!  Seriously… how gorgeous are these girls.. daddy watch out!  But give these girls some rain boots,  a mud puddle or a grassy field and they are GONE!  They can hang out with the best of the runners, the splashers and the mad dashers!  These are the BEST kind of girls around!

We met at Events at the Holly Ridge Manor for some free run and play on their gorgeous grounds!  I’m not sure who had more fun:  the girls, Adam and Amber… or me?!

Adam and Amber have been married 5 years (or will be this October)  YAY for October anniversaries!  It really is the best month for weddings!  Sorry.. I’m a bit biased!  They have been together for 7 years and now created these two beautiful little pieces of sunshine:  Jordyn and Blake!

Jordyn:  (according to mom and dad) Stubborn, Sweet and Sensitive.  She loves to color (Amber says they go through tons and tons of paper daily!) She loves to golf with daddy (I spy a scholarship in her future maybe Amber?!!)  And loves to be outside!

Blake:  (according to the family) She’s goofy, fearless and oh so curious!  She loves her blankie and playing with her baby dolls.  She loves being outside and loves her music!  She can’t talk all that much yet but she can absolutely sing! (Let it go is her speciality and I got a free concert during our session!)

Jordyn and I played an awesome game of tag!  Then she and Blake had a rousing game of peek a boo under the blanket that had us all in stitches.  This capture below is probably one of my most favorites.  Messy hair, don’t care!  Grass makes for the best accessory! This is why I love J so very much!  She and I can totally hang out and be BFF’s.

Blake’s frozen concert:

Then I let Jordyn hang out with me for a bit and taught her some mad camera skills!  She’s quite the photographer!  Here’s her shot of mom and dad!  Watch out photography world:  It’s pretty spot on!

A little bit about Adam and Amber:

Amber: Her family says she’s determined and thoughtful and stubborn.

Adam:  His family says he’s patient, forgetful and extremely nice.

Both these guys are amazing parents.  They are patient and kind and most important they are super fun!  Those girls truly have so much fun with their parents.  They provide such an amazing balance between giggles and structure!  They let them explore their own creativity and express themselves which is just so important these days!  The girls also know that they do have boundaries and limits within those creative worlds though and that is SUCH a hard task to navigate!  Adam and Amber kind of really rock it out!  I feel truly blessed to know them!

Once the night started winding down, Amber broke out the girls rain boots!  We have had so much rain lately in Virginia Beach that Amber and I both jumped at the chance to let the girls splash around a bit in the puddles.  We thought for sure there would be a ton of puddles to play in but we really had to search and scout this one perfect puddle.  I’m so happy we found one and so happy these girls dove right in… literally (poor Blake!)

I loved this family so much and I truly feel honored to be able to capture moments like these!  Time flies by so quickly, having candid moments like these are so wonderful to have documented!

Special thanks to Events at Holly Ridge Manor for letting us visit your beautiful location and run free.



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