That time when…

September 15, 2014


Happy Monday morning!

I’ve spent a lot of time shooting this past week and as I’ve been shooting and sitting at the computer, I keep thinking about all the bloopers that come up!

Life is FUNNY… it’s silly and awkward and wonderful all at the same time!  Most of the time though we only show our most perfect selves.  Those closest to us are the only ones that get to share in those blooper moments that make us who we truly are.  The moments that are truly endearing are those where we are totally and completely nerdy or embarrassingly awkward!  Those are the ones that I love the most.

We often make our best connections with others when we find ourselves recounting tales of “oh gosh, there was this time when…”

This past weekend I shot a wedding and I totally had a few of those moments and I feel like it brought me a little closer to my bride and her guests!  So in honor of that, I thought I would share some of my best “oh man.. there was this time when…” moments;  and hopefully it will bring you a smile or a little giggle on this Monday morning!

That time when…

  • I went on a blind date in college and the date happened to be super cute!  We were walking in to dinner and he was telling me all about something (I can’t remember now) and turned around to look at me, except I wasn’t there.  I tripped over my feet and landed face first into the road and totally messed up my face!  It was one of those moments where one minute I was there, the next I wasn’t!  We had to go back to the car and run to the drug store because I had gravel in my forehead!
  • I decided to do a bridal boudoir session for Tuck and went lingerie shopping with one of my girlfriends in Fredrick’s of Hollywood.  I was searching for some nice boy shorts when I discovered that one of the pairs I had been eyeing was damaged (it had kind of a big hole in it!)  So I took it up to the sales woman and was explaining that this pair was damaged when she starting laughing quite loudly at me.  Apparently it was NOT damaged because that entire rack was crotchless underwear!  I can be really naive sometimes… kind of all the time!
  • Tuck asked me to buzz his head but he assumed I knew to put the guard on.  I didn’t…. (and I ran right down the middle first!)
  • I was shooting a wedding pregnant and I had to sneeze, except sneezing meant peeing a little.  So I peed my dress.  Knowing this would happen I brought an extra change of clothes.  Sadly two seconds after changing my clothes, I sneezed and peed again and it was slightly more obvious in pants!
  • I was jogging on the treadmill and I tripped in front of a very crowded gym.  Except, I didn’t just trip, I face planted and then rolled off colliding into the wall behind me!  The music happened to stop at the exact time I did this so the entire gym over heard my loud crash and 4 of the personal trainers came over to see if I was ok!  Also I was teaching a class 10 minutes later and several of my class members were witness to the event.
  • This past Friday I wore a newer dress to shoot this wedding.  I bought it at the beginning of the season really excited to wear it but just hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it for a wedding yet!  My shoot sac happens to land just exactly where the hem of the dress falls and the day was a little windy.  Every time I took a shot, my dress would get caught up on the shoot sac leaving me with the whole I tucked my skirt into my underwear look!  (Thank goodness the bride was my great friend and leant me some shorts!)

Tell me you have had some similar moments of equal or greater value friends!  Don’t leave me hanging!

And I leave you with this little gem:  Apparently I make some pretty amazing faces when I’m shooting!

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