Summer Days Cutting Board


While it still feels like summer around here-the humidity… WOW!  I am starting to finally let go and realize that with the arrival of pumpkins at the farm fresh, and Starbucks PSL and the return of my beloved Salted Caramel mocha… Fall is really here.  This really is the best time of year here in Virginia Beach.  We do get some longer pool days, and most of the time the weather is amazing leaving behind the humid summer days (except not at the moment) in favor of cooler summer temperatures.  It’s still warm enough for the pool but cooler at night!  September and october are the best months in this area, in my opinion.

As I’ve been going on sessions and preparing for mini sessions, I’ve realized there are so many images from this summer that I haven’t had a chance to put on the computer yet from our time together as a family!  We’ve been so busy enjoying our  last few days  of summer together that there just hasn’t been time for uploading and blogging.

I’m trying really hard to find the right balance between behind the camera moments, being in the moments and then “working” on the moments.  Yes I want to have ALL the moments frozen forever… but what good is freezing the moments if I was just an observer and not a participant?!

So as I participate sometimes some pretty cool images get backed up, or left on the cutting board.  I thought I’d share them this morning!

That time Linc and Hadley went on a fantasy date!

And when we went to BG and met Elmo!!!  We didn’t leave the Sesame Street forrest ALL day.. and it was AWESOME!


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