Monday morning rainy goodness!


It’s Monday.. and it’s raining and I have to say I kind of love monday morning rainy days!  I love the sound of the rain.  I love that rainy days give me an excuse to stay inside and snuggle.  I love that they give me extra incentive to work in my hobbit hole of goodness!

I love that when I’m finished with my work and while Linc is still in school, they give me an opportunity to sit on the couch and eat my lunch to a horribly delicious reality tv show I may have recorded on the DVR!

Today I am happy for so many little things besides the rain.  I’m happy that when it’s time to pick Linc up from school.. we will probably jump in puddles.  I will grab my camera and snap a few pictures to put up against the ones from April.  I can’t believe how much he’s grown since then!

I’m supper happy that after dropping Linc off at school I stopped into the neighborhood Farm Fresh to get some Starbucks and I got to try the Butter Beer Frapp!  OH MY GOODNESS!!  Of all the magical Harry Potter goodness, this is by far the best ever butter beer I have ever sampled!  It’s a secret menu item and it’s to die for!

I also love that Linc decided to assert some of his own style this morning and picked out his own outfit!

I give you: Linc Tuck

Those boots!  He loves those boots!  Wants to wear them all day, everyday!  He’s a mess.  I had to pack his crocs in his bag just in case his teacher could slip those bad boys off him and get him into his crocs.  He can’t walk in them too well yet so please let him have his crocs on when I pick him up today!

I’m also super excited to announce FAMILY FALL MINIS are back!!!  This is one of my favorite times of the year!  Seasons start to change and the weather in Virginia Beach becomes perfect!  Warm air but a nice cool breeze comes through bringing with it the hint at fall!  Best time of year in these parts!

So check out the details and e mail me if you’re interested in reserving your spot!

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