Holiday Splashes


Happy Holiday Weekend Ya’ll and can I please say an Amen for a long weekend with my family!!!

The weather is amazing and we are headed off to find some good old family fun and adventure.  So in honor of that and the weekend to come… I don’t have a whole lot to say except go out and enjoy your last days of summer!  Let your hair down, abandon the schedule!  Free yourself of the lists and the “must do’s” and savor the moments and adventures of these last few summer days and long summer nights!

I can’t believe how quickly summer raced by.  I’m sad to see it go but I am happy to see some cooler breezes.  I’m not quite ready for the fall weather.  I’m not ready to bring out the sweaters.  I’m definitely not ready to leave my flip flops behind (although I never really do.)  I’m ready to leave the windows open and I’m ready to eat dinner on the deck without the bugs.  I’m ready to let Linc play in “Lincoln’s park” (haha) while we grill out and make smore’s.  I wish we could have that type of weather year round!  The kind of weather where it’s still hot enough to play and splash in the water during the day but the night’s bring on the cool breezes that leave you wanting a blanket or a cozy knit!  Those are the days and nights I dream about all year round.

So I’m sad for summer to go but I’m happy for this transition time between summer and fall.  I’m happy that my crazy little man is so wild and fun right now.  I’m happy that we get to spend this long weekend celebrating the completion of a crazy summer/crazy year and crazy time in our lives.  I happy that with this breezy transition weather it will bring us back to moments where we get to be a family again all the time with no big separations!

So HELLO holiday weekend… we’ve been waiting for you!

In photography news:  Fall Mini Dates to be announced soon!  Leave a comment below if you have a weekend date in mind that would work best for you!





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