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August 25, 2014


Hubby’s been working… like A LOT!  I’ve been working, a lot!  Usually at this time of the year, the two of us would be like ships passing in the night but seriously, this is ridiculous!  I’m not complaining… well I’m trying not to complain!  He’s not over seas anymore so that’s something that’s a major bonus!  Some days though… it kind of feels like it!

His work is so crazy right now and it’s at a point where we just all have to muscle through it.  There are many days out of the week  and weekends where he’s up and gone before Linc and I are awake and he’s not even thinking about driving home long after Linc and I are both sound asleep!  I think its more rough on him than it is on us!

Linc is a creature of habit, he likes his schedule.  Something that is all me!  So as much as I wish I could break him of that habit (I know, I know who am I and what am I saying!) that fact really works in our favor during times like this!  Linc and I can go and do our normal scheduled activities and he’s a happy camper for the most part!

Yesterday Tuck had the day off and it was AMAZING!  It was an ENTIRE day off and I was hellbent on throwing away the list of things that needed to be done in order to have a family day!  Yes my laundry room was piled up and the grass definitely needed to be mowed.  I had some photography projects that needed some attention and there were two Wink’s that needed to be stuffed and sewn back together pronto!  BUT we all just needed a day off!  I really needed a day with my boys.  A day of nothing to do but enjoy being together doing something we haven’t done in a while.  A day with no plans and nothing scheduled!

So we packed ourselves up and we headed off to the Norfolk Zoo… and as Linc would say “I see the ANIMALS!”

Some times you just need to break away and surround yourself with your family.  You need to spend the quality time with your wee ones and have FUN!  A day filled with no plans, no agenda and let loose!  We ALL needed this and it was wonderful!


Tuck is always a t-shirt and shorts kind of guy.  In fact he has these shorts that I hate b/c they have all sorts of holes in them!  I sometimes forget that he can actually be quite dapper when he wants!  Look how handsome he is above!!  I just love them so much!

We sat down for a little snack break and then moved on to see some more animals.  The only animal I actually caught on camera was the giraffe’s.  That’s because it was the only animal Linc stayed long enough to watch walk across the field.  We did stay to see the elephants get a bath which was pretty awesome.  Linc was mesmerized until the elephant trainer sprayed the window with water… then he was OUT!  I’ve never seen him move quite that fast before!

The highlight of the afternoon for Linc was the excavator in the elephant area.  Of course the elephants were inside and it was just the machine scooping up logs and other wonderful stuff the elephants left behind!  Linc wanted to stay there for hours but we finally enticed him to come away with the promise of dip n dots!  It was our first dip n dots experience with Linc!

And of course, no day is quite complete unless you make your own mud puddle!  I’m going to start calling Linc muddy because it doesn’t matter where we go, if he’s given the chance he will make his own mud puddle to jump in!  I came outside from making our dinner to find Linc and Tuck just pouring away in the mud!

It’s crazy to me how much he is growing!  He looks more and more like a little boy each and every day!  He is doing more and saying more each and every day!  This time is just so precious to me and with it flying by so fast like this, these family days are more and more special.  I know there will come a day when Tuck and I find ourselves begging for the days to go and do without a care and Linc is the one that has plans of his own.  So I’m trying my best to honor these days when Linc asks us to go see the grave digger, to see the animals, to swim in the pool as much as I can!   That way we he is older we’ve laid a foundation that family time is important and as busy as his schedule gets with friends and activities, maybe he will pencil me and Tuck in!

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