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Wedded Ones

They’ve known each other since they were teenagers!  They’ve spent 13 years together as a couple and are just celebrating their 7th year of marriage!

It’s truly an incredible thing these days… to not only spend this much time loving one person but to love them MORE than you did 13 years ago, to be MORE devoted to them than ever before and to appreciate them much much more than you ever have!  This pretty much sums up each day for Lisa and Austin!  They are an incredible inspiration for so many of us “young” couples and I truly felt blessed to be chosen to spend a few hours with them capturing these special moments!

Lisa and Austin have a gorgeous family:  inside and out!  I’ve been truly blessed to capture some memories for them when their little ones were younger and to see them grow through the years!  I was over the moon excited when Lisa first mentioned the idea of a anniversary session trash the dress!  I knew how special it would be for both of them to get dressed up in their wedding garb and to be able to just spend a few hours to themselves, celebrating how it all began!

Lisa is an amazing planner and she is kind of fantastic when it comes to the details of things!  I loved how she included some of the personal touches from the beginnings of her and Austin’s relationship!  The framed letter to Lisa… my heart was in a puddle!  Seriously, sweetest most romantic thing EVER!

Lisa made her own bouquet but even better… her son Riley made her a “toss” bouquet for when we headed down to the water!  Her boys.. aren’t they the most incredible boys?!!!

I’m getting ahead of myself though so let me back up a bit!

Austin and Lisa have been together for ever and their days are filled with family and work and the normal busy lives of parents!  It was beautiful and amazing how everything came together for their anniversary so they could spend some time celebrating the two of them and how far they have come together!

Lisa is truly an amazing woman!  She is kind and sweet and thoughtful.  She has the biggest heart of any woman I have ever met.  She takes care of anyone and everyone around her but the best part is that you don’t even realize she’s taking care of you.  Sometimes that’s the biggest battle… not everyone wants to be taken care of even though the need it.  Lisa just knows how to do this and she makes everyone’s lives better when she’s around!  She has a smile that can light up even the darkest of places and it’s so contagious you just can’t help but smile yourself!

Austin is always smiling around Lisa!  He just gravitates towards her and it’s a truly moving scene to watch!  You can truly feel the love and the respect between them!  Austin is always aware of where Lisa is and he is never far away!  His eyes light up when she tells a story and he is always stealing little glances her way!

They may have been together for a while but they are more like teenagers in love!

At one point in the night, I could hear in my head “if I’m a bird, you’re a bird!”  They have a love like that… one that is only written about in stories!

But don’t just take my word for it… see it for yourself!  Here are some of my favorites from our evening together!

Lisa you are GORGEOUS girl!!!!

Love you both so much and thank you for letting me capture this special day for you!!  You both are truly an inspiration and I am blessed for not only being able to share in this with you but also to know you both!!!



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