Monday Morning Musings!


So it’s Monday! And this past week has been crazy… but here’s are some of my thoughts (now call me baby?!)  I felt like that was appropriate because I’ve had that song STUCK in my head for what feels like eternity now!

Each month, I sit down and start to think of business things!  What worked well, what didn’t work well that month!  Where can I invest more time or what really needs more of my attention and what can I pull back from.

Basically, I like to see what my game changers are!

This month has been a wild roller coaster ride.  This whole year has been a wild roller coaster ride, but I’ve learned some really key things about my own business!

So.. I thought I’d share them with you because sometimes we all just need a little insight on how other people are making their way through.  Plus, in all honesty, sometimes just putting yourself out there is a good thing!

Here are some of my Game Changers this month:

  • Constantly re-working and updating my website!  This has helped me so much because I’m now highlighting all my recent work which is so completely different from my past work!  With each session we grow and develop.  Trends are changing and I’m also comfortably finding my own cozy place in my own style consistently!
  • Online system for contracts and invoices and new clients!  This is something I fought for sooo long!  I hate contracts but they are a necessary evil.  I am soo much more diligent about contracts now that I use an online signing system and all that anxiety surrounding contracts has disappeared!  Plus it’s amazing for organization in my office!
  • Scheduling days!  This is huge and it makes life easier for my family!  I set consistent days where I shoot sessions during the week.  The rest of the days are spent between family time/down time and office time!  I finally feel like I have a bit of balance AND my productivity and turn over is so much better!
  • Knowing my strengths and letting go of the other stuff!  I know that I love candids.  I know that I can make my clients feel comfortable and at ease in order to get those natural, candid moments.  I also know that decorating and styling and details (as much as I love them) are not my strongest.  I’ve learned to let go of what I’m fair at or not great at and really appreciate what I AM creating and doing well.
  • Paper planner!  I know this is old school but it works for me.  I have to see everything in writing all laid out in front of me in order to get the big picture.  I know you can see that on the computer but it’s just not the same!  There’s also something really satisfying for me when I am able to write down a date in a calendar and then highlight it, cross it off, or star it!  This works for me and while it’s not the most efficient probably, it makes a difference in my business!

So those are some things that I’ve got on my list so far.  Today I get to sit and finish the rest:  what didn’t work out so well and what I can do and choose for my goals next month!

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend!

This week I will be sharing some fun party pics from a wedding celebration as well as an amazing anniversary session!

Here’s a little sneak peek of the session I worked on last night!

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