Jessica, Colin and Charlotte on the way!


It was an absolute perfect night!  We had the beach and dunes all to ourselves (almost.. we did have some photo bombers coming off the beach that gave us a bit of a laugh!)  There was an amazing breeze that kept us all perfectly cool, but the biggest bonus… NO BUGS!  Seriously, that’s a huge bonus for me and for any gorgeous mama to be because those little buggies will come from miles away to get at you!

I absolutely adore Jessica!  She teaches at the little gym and Lincoln has a serious crush on her!  As soon as we get in the car to go to our Beasts class, all he can talk about is Mrs. Jessica and running and beasty beasts!  Of course, when we actually get there he plays his shy little act and bats his little eye lashes at her while hiding behind me.  He’s a mess!

I was so excited when Jessica and Colin invited me to spend an evening with them capturing this special time before little Charlotte arrives!  These two are soo much fun and they have so much fun together!  Colin and Jessica are always laughing!  They are always smiling and always finding the best in whatever they are doing.

They are going to make the best parents ever and Charlotte is going to be an amazing little girl!  She’s going to be one spunky little fire cracker with parents like these two and I just can’t wait to meet her!

The best part about Colin and Jess together is that they are always up for anything… as long as they are together!  Colin is always looking at Jess and you can see in the little things he does without even thinking that he loves to take care of her.  He was happy to sit and watch her strike a pose and also happy to nuzzle her and cuddle with her (laughing all the time!)

Jess was stunning and she is even more breath taking when Colin’s making her laugh.  I adore her huge smile because you can’t help but smile yourself when you see it!  She smiles from deep within and it just radiates through out!

Here are my favorites from our sunset session together!  Jess is loving ice cream right now so we brought a little treat to open up our time together!  Colin had to double waffle bowl because our ice cream decided to melt and turn into a little soup, but it was still pretty delicious I think!

Jess you are so gorgeous girl!


I had Jess and Colin lay down on their blanket so I could get a few of these shots!  What we didn’t anticipate was that Charlotte would LOVE this position so much she would start doing her own little gymnastics routine in Jess’s belly!  We all had to pause and take a moment as we saw some pretty cool acrobatics going on!

Jessica and Colin:  You guys are amazing!  I can’t wait to meet baby Charlotte and see you both in this new adventure!  I am so honored and so blessed that you are allowing me to be a part of this wonderful adventure!  I can’t wait to see all the wonders this next year brings for your family!


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