34 on your 34th!

August 5, 2014


When I started blogging, I started writing a birthday letter to my hubs on his birthday!  These have changed over the years and grown more into a “why I love you so much” kind of post!  It sounds sappy and please feel free to roll your eyes at me and silently gag at my corniness… but I promise you this list is not the typical Let me count the ways….

Tuck and I are very different when it comes to our lovey dovey selves!  We do have that side (kind of) but most of those who love us and are close with us, know we are more goofy and weirdly in love than ooey gooey in love!  It suits us much better 😉

This year has been no exception, even though most of it we’ve done with distance and navigating some pretty crazy waters!  I wouldn’t have it any other way though because it just makes us even more goofy and weirdly and awkwardly in love!

So… here’s to my wonderfully hubs who loves me and my weird/awkward Harry Potter loving self!

34 on your 34th!

  1. Thank you for always changing the dirty diapers… when you’re home, and never complaining about it!  Especially the time when you had to squeeze that one for testing!  Yep, I went there and on the first opening line!
  2. Thank you for always letting me slack off on dinners and either picking up and creating some amazing meal out of absolutely nothing because I let the chicken go bad in the fridge… or for giving in to my craving for sushi (every.single.day.)
  3. I love you for the way you laugh at me when I take my migraine medicine and say I the dumbest things and instead of making me feel made fun of you help me laugh at myself!
  4. Even though you won’t admit it, I love you for every once in a while saying equally dumb things that make us both think you might have accidentally taken my migraine meds!
  5. Thank you for always running out to the grocery store for cokes or toilet paper or whatever else I forget!
  6. Thank you for the morning e mails that say just the right thing to help start my day!
  7. I love you so much when you read books to Linc in your rocker voice that sounds like Aerosmith and also like a weird rapper at the same time!
  8. I love you for loving God and being the spiritual leader of our family!
  9. I love you for the times when you stay up late to make sure I come home OK from a session (and you make sure I’ve had something to eat and I’ve taken care of myself).
  10. Thank you for putting your family first!
  11. I love you even though sometimes you scare the crap out of me when you walk into the bedroom and I’m drying my hair… and then we laugh about how jumpy I am (and you make fun of me all day!)
  12. Thank you for always putting up with the camera in front of your face!  I love you for humoring me and encouraging me and sitting still for me even though there are times you probably wish both my camera and I would accidentally fall into the pool!
  13. Thank you for sitting on the couch with me at night and loving the same ridiculous and weird shows that I love.  Even if we only  make one episode, I love that we can lay down on our sofa and be together in a world of weird other than our own!
  14. Thank you for sharing my love of reading with our son and reading all the chapter books I plan for us to read to him once he’s a bit older!
  15. I love that you know me better than I know myself and can e mail me to ask if I have a migraine (before you come home) can pick up a movie or a recommend a book (before I hear about it myself and I always wind up in love with it) can tell what my day is like by the tone of my voice!
  16. I love that we can share a look across the room and either burst into laughter or instantly feel butterflies!
  17. I love that we can fill up a hours and talk endlessly about nothing at all or sit in complete silence and still be together!
  18. Thank you for always stepping in and being anything our family needs at anytime!
  19. I love you even though you like tripe which is still gross to me!
  20. I love you especially because you still love me and you hear me sing every night!  That’s real love right there!
  21. Thank you for teaching our son how to be brave and honorable and respectful!
  22. I love that you can go out and run 30 some miles without training and then come home and still function the next day!
  23. I love that you aren’t ever afraid to admit when you are afraid but it never stops you from doing anything!
  24. I love you for always letting me put my cold feet on your legs to help me warm mine up at night!  Cold feet warm heart right?!
  25. I love when you dance/try to twerk in the living room after Linc has gone to bed!
  26. I love you for always understanding that when I say left, I really mean go right and vice versa!
  27. Thank you for being so smart in geography and history so that our son won’t have to rely on my lack of knowledge on that front.  And math too…. thank goodness for that!
  28. I love that you LOVE sweets and they never last in the house long at all!
  29. Thank you for always leaving me the last coke and the last roll.  But never ever the last bite of ice cream! 😉
  30. Thank you for choosing me to be your partner for the rest of our lives!
  31. I love that we are growing old together and sharing these adventures.  By growing old I mean my back goes out daily and you’re a walking mess too!  😉  At least we can be in a jazzy together, maybe even chase each other around in our motorized wheel chairs by the time Linc’s in high school!
  32. I love you even more now that we had to spend most of this year apart!  I realized how much of you enhances my every day!
  33. I love that I am still learning more and more about you with every day that passes by!
  34. Thank you for the next years to come!!

Here’s to this next year my love!!  Here’s to more laughter, more dancing, more making fun with each and more weird shows!

Love you so much


  1. Ashley Swistak says:

    I can relate to #22. What in the world?! Our guys are superheroes … or at the very least super runners. I think their paths should cross some time soon! Happy Birthday Aaron.

    • brooketuckerphoto@gmail.com says:

      I know! They are so crazy, although you can also run some crazy distances too my friend!

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