Your family photos are incredibly important too

August 4, 2014


Some of us spend hours and hours (sometimes weeks, sometimes months) researching our wedding photographer.

In fact just mention the word wedding and automatically people will tell you it’s the most important day of your life!  You want and need to capture that day perfectly and so the emphasis on photography is incredible important!  The value of photography dramatically increases that day and you absolutely do your due diligence and you find a photographer that is right for you as a couple.  You find the photographer that suits your style!  You find someone that is more than just a “hired hand” you find someone that is a friend and who brings out your best!  You find someone that you are completely comfortable with and you love to be around!

You take the time because you know this day and these moments are precious and special!  They absolutely are!

Somehow though, when it comes to our own family, this same type of diligence doesn’t often apply when we think of capturing our family memories and family photography!  Maybe it’s because we are so busy trying to keep up with activities and adventures that we just sometimes forget.  I’m a mom and I can say with all honestly mom brain does exist!

Time gets away from us and suddenly we realize we need to schedule a family session!  In our hurry we often chose our photographer based on availability or price or location.  That wonderful research and finding a photographer that is just perfect for who we are and who can bring out our best just tossed away.

This is something I want to change! This is why I am cooking up some really special enhancements for those families that want a little more out of their family photographer!

Our family photos are so important!  These are your memories that are flying by all too fast and the person photographing them should not only understand your family but be able to capture you the way you are when you are alone in your living room together!  You should have a kind of trust and bond with your photographer that allows your entire family to feel comfortable and relaxed.  This is the only way to have real and genuine images.  The kind of images you will have framed in your house for years to come.

When you really think about it, your wedding is just one day.  It’s an extremely beautiful and important day, but it’s still just one day!  It’s one day that you research and prepare and plan out with such effort and hard work.

Your family is your lifetime and your legacy!  It’s a combination of so many amazing days that are flying by all too fast.  Days that you want to hold on to and keep close to your heart and remember every tiny detail forever!  Don’t you want to spend just as much time finding the right person that suits your style?!  The person that is more than just a photographer for the day with the right price or the right availability or at the right location.  Don’t you want someone who can develop a relationship with your family and be a part of your family!  Someone who watches your children grow just as you do and can appreciate them.  Don’t you want to invest in a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and your children are excited to see time and time again!

This is my philosophy and my goal!  I want to be that family photographer!  The one who grows with your family and celebrates with you every step of the way!

This is why I offer and shoot The Lifetime Experience!
I will explain more about this through my blogs this week so keep checking in with me!  Your families moments are more than just one day… they are rare moments collected through a lifetime to document your story!  You should be choosing a photographer to help you tell that story.  A photographer that is just right for you (and that photographer should feel honored and blessed!)


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