Weird and Great


Today is a down day for me… meaning Linc has bad allergies, my allergies are kicking my butt AND I’m teaching my body flow class this morning!

SO… I’m taking this morning off a bit while he’s playing his little boy heart out with his friends at school!  I pick him up at 12 so for the first few hours this morning before my class, I’m just soaking up the quiet and a warm cup of coffee!

These days just seem to be flying by lately and are so filled I find myself falling into bed without remembering how I even got there!  Do you have those nights?!  I sleep so hard I don’t remember if I even dreamed and the sleep felt like it was barely ten minutes long.

In the middle of all these crazy days, we’ve had some pretty Great moments and some pretty weird moments too!


  • Linc has slept in his big boy bed all the through the night since Sunday night when we introduced it without leaving his bed!  Every single night!  It’s been really amazing and I’m so proud of him!
  • He’s since decided to grow up over night and also use the potty!
  • We now have enough monster trucks to form our own monster jam rally (that’s a sarcastic great!)
  • Family dinner’s!
  • Family reading time… in the big bed!
  • New and exciting things happening for Brooke Tucker Photography (more information to come on that soon)
  • Tipper’s learning to like running now and goes on evening runs with Tuck.  It’s so great for both of them.  Sometimes she quits and pancakes but eventually she gets back up and muscles through it!
  • Snuggles with Tipps… we play a game called c’mere Tip and she literally pounces like a jack rabbit between the two of us on our ridiculously large couch and tries to smother us with kisses!
  • Date night will be a regular happening over here pretty soon!
  • The video of the dad singing his own version to Magic’s rude!  It’s so awesome and I love it!  That song gets stuck in my head so much and it’s always on the radio when I’m in my car.  I love that guys version so much better!


  • Napping is somewhat of an interesting time here now with the big bed.  That’s when Linc exercises his freedom.  Yesterday he DID nap… but on the floor under his bed!  hahah
  • Grey hair.. yep I have grey hair coming in and right at the front, in one wiry silver streak!  Awesome!
  • Curly hair at the back of my ear?!  What is that!!!!
  • The grocer following me around the store the other day commenting on ALL of the items in my grocery cart!
  • Totally get caught singing loudly in my car without realizing my windows were down by a police officer on a motorcycle!  He was laughing!  And I was totally singing Frozen too!
  • Linc telling a stranger that he “pushes mommy out”.  Yea that one is so awkward!  At school in order to help the kids transition when their parents leave, they encourage the kids to “push the parents out” a.k.a. walk them to the door and push the door shut.

How is your week filling up with Great and Weird things?!

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