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When I got my first DSLR camera (which was then a Nikon camera) I was super excited and I could not wait to begin taking pictures!  It was so big and so heavy and oooh just so professional looking!  I had the Nikon D40 and it came with 2 kit lenses at the time!  

I couldn’t believe it… I felt like my pictures were going to be amazing, and for the most part they were!  I loved every image I took and I couldn’t ever imagine those images getting any better just because of the lens I had on my camera.  When I first started shooting, I did know there was a difference between shooting on auto mode verses manual, and I knew of course that could change my images.  What I didn’t realize was that a simple lens could do it as well!

There are so many different types of lenses out there and each lens offers something totally unique and specific.  Each lens has it’s own purpose!

There are also different price points for lenses and it can be a bit scary once you start researching!  But I’m getting a bit a head of myself, so let’s back it up a bit!

One of the biggest questions I get through e mail asks which camera body would I suggest for a new mom who wants to capture her families memories and want’s to upgrade or could I recommend a different lens?!

This is such a great question because I truly believe that it’s not so much the camera body but more so about what lens you put on that body!

The first lens I ever bough outside of my kit lenses is one I still have packed in my bag today and use regularly!

It’s the 50 mm 1.8 and the first moment I ever used it totally rocked my world!  

This is an AMAZING portrait lens and the price is really pretty amazing too!  You can find this baby for around 125.00 which is really pretty great!

I’m telling you, as a mom this lens will change your life!  

It’s a prime lens and I prefer to shoot with mostly prime lenses.  All that means is that it’s a lens of fixed focal length!  This is so great because it means you have to move your own feet to create the image you want!  You are responsible for moving in and creating that close relationship with your subject, OR you are responsible for hustling back and creating the space!

It also is just a creamy and dreamy lens.. that aperture alone is pretty darn great!

If you’re looking to up your game in terms of photography gear, as a momma I would suggest working with the body you have and concentrating on looking at some new lenses, starting with this 50 mm portrait lens!

The very first picture of the most adorable little man..that was taken 2 years ago now with my 50 mm!  For the longest time that was the only lens I ever had on my camera and I still keep it in my bag today!

Try it out and let me know what you think!





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