Dune Buggies, Books and Stars!


We have a big boy in the house now!  Not just a big boy 2 year old, but like a real big boy!  I kind of feel like the blue fairy from Pinocchio… Linc’s a real boy now!

We’ve been putting off the “big boy bed” for a while now!  Linc was climbing out of his crib before he was a year but I just wasn’t ready!  We ended up turning his crib into some kind of master fortress, like a baby rock!  Our friends would visit our house and take one look at his room and give us this look like really?!  Even so, our little master climber was muscling his way to the top of that so we went searching for big boy beds this past weekend!

I didn’t think we were actually going to do this thing or find a bed, but of course we did!  We just wanted something simple and classic.  We wanted something that Linc could grow into and have for a while before we switched all the beds in the house around!  We didn’t want to go with a gimmicky bed.

All that is good and well until you end up in Haynes and your toddler squeals with joy and sprints to THIS monstrosity and won’t be pulled away!

As you can see we totally ended up bringing it home and Linc absolutely adores his new Dune Buggie bed!  Part of me still can’t believe this is the bed we bought for him but what it all came down to was the fact that this bed was low to the ground and actually really well made!  We loved several other beds but they were so high up and Linc proved our point by launching himself off several!

He adores it and now so do we!  It fits his room well too!

I was really nervous about our first night last night but believe or not Linc was amazing!  I don’t quite think he has realized he has the freedom to move about yet!  We read our books as a family last night and that was the coolest thing ever!  Usually Tuck and I take turns switching nights, but last night we both were able to lay in the bed and read with Linc!  He was confused for about half a second and then our little champ fell right to sleep and didn’t move all night long!

I’m still wondering if we will  have a crazy night tonight since our nap this afternoon will show him just how much freedom he has!

It’s crazy this time right now and how fast he’s growing!  I can’t believe all the changes and I see him all the time!  I feel like I want my camera with me every single second, but I know it’s not possible!  I’m just so thankful I have my camera at all so I can capture these little moments.

Last night I was able to sneak in and check on him!  I was so worried I was going to wake him up but he had such a big day yesterday just playing that he was totally sacked out and snoring away! There was no way I would be able to open that door again in time to go get my big camera but I was so thankful for my Iphone… I caught a quick pic of our little bug a snuggled up and sleeping soundly!

It’s great to have pictures with my nice big professional camera, but sometimes the moments happen and i’m just so thankful that our Iphones have the capability to take pretty amazing pictures too!

An image is only as good as the moment it represents!  Who cares if it’s noisy or blurry… as long as the emotion is behind it and the meaning is there… capture it with whatever you have!


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