Stormy off day


Yesterday I crashed!  It was an “off” day from the start and I could tell from the moment I opened my eyes!

I woke with a crick in my neck, which is never a good thing.  Linc was still asleep… which also never happens and while most people would say a silent Amen… that is almost never ever a good thing in this house!  We are all early risers and if we sleep in it always means something is up!

My girlfriend called and said Hampton was under tornado watch… what IS this weather we are having?!  Seriously, I feel like one minute we are living in Florida but the next it’s the mid west!  Linc is now developing a fear of rain and thunder so I knew it was just going to be an “off” day.

But do you ever have an off day that just surprises you and turns out to be exactly what you need?!

We ended up ditching all of our usual responsibilities and activities and just hanging out for the day!  It was some kind of really wonderful.  We played with our sweet friends at the Hunt Club for just a half hour before the storm rolled on through and then we came home to snuggles after cuddles!

Linc is so extremely active now and I find myself really struggling to keep up with him.  He is all boy and he is crazy and wild and super fun!  He has energy for days and his only speed is lighting fast!  He doesn’t understand walk because he literally zooms around the house flying from one thing to the other.

So yesterday… when the storm rolled in our “off” day turned into a day of heaven for me!  Linc and I spent our time watching Frozen and divided it up between laying on the couch together or laying on the floor with him draped across me.  He was super sweet yesterday wanting to hold my hand the entire day and that is something I will always cherish and remember!

Sometimes I think the “off” days are reminders that we need to take a break and breath.  I think the “off” days are really little blessings in disguise if we can look past the small hiccups that get us there and appreciate the big picture!

I needed a break yesterday and a chance to slow down from all the work and the hustle and bustle!  My little boy gave me that along with some extra hugs and kisses!

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