The chair!


It’s super soft and cozy.  It has the perfect combination of plush springy support and back restability!  It slides perfectly under the desk and allows me to scooch up close to the computer when editing!  I can squeeze me knees to my chest or sit crossed leg when I type out my e mails or skype with Tuck!  I can lounge back all the way to base and relax my back when pondering life’s questions!  Best of all, my feet touch actually touch the floor when I sit and need to be professional!

Welcome home my new office chair!  I’ve been searching for you for a long time!

I used to have a real office chair.. the kind that was black and leather and built for the office office.  It was creaky and sqeaky and it swiveled.  There was nothing pretty or fancy about it and it was cold all the time!

When Tuck and I started updating the office to make it more “me” so that my clients could come sit and chat about their sessions or their albums the one element that kept me searching was the chair!

I wanted it to be comfortable and cozy.  I wanted it to be professional but relaxed.  I had an entirely different idea in mind and I found that actually.  I went to pick it up from home goods on Monday… it was this perfect shade of sea foam blue.  It was dreamy and fit my branding colors to a tee.  There was just one problem… my feet were about a foot off the ground when I sat in it.  I looked like a little girl trying to be a big kid, at least that’s how I felt.  I sat in there chair for a half hour at Home Goods receiving the most strange looks from employees and shoppers!  Swinging my feet back and forth, I finally made the decision that the price point and the height was just too high and I walked away, leaving the chair still on display.

In my sadness I found myself at Target… because let’s face it Target is a happy place!  I was just browsing when I came across a gray/taupe chair that was subtle and yet kind of perfect!  I pulled it out and sat down… and it felt like home!

Now it IS home and although it’s not quite the chair I envisioned for my tiny little office space… it’s perfect for me!  I find myself wanting to come down and sit in it… it’s just THAT comfortable!

Now all I need to complete this office is a pop of color maybe in the way of a canvas or a giant print.. I’m not quite sure yet.  I need a good clean (sorry about the mess) and I need to sand and stain some furniture!

For now though… I will happily sit in my chair feet up or planted on the floor!


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