A Puddle Duck


When I worked at the surf shop and would go surfing with the crew that worked there I was given my first nick name that had nothing to do with my actual name.  Nick names are always kind of a big deal… and I had never had one that didn’t involve brookie, brookesie, brooklyn before.

For those of you who have lived in Virginia Beach or have visited Virginia Beach enough times… you also know we don’t have surf.  So.. to tell you that I was also intimidated sometimes to go out towards to jetty or into the deeper waters to catch the “waves” will validate this name (and is also a hugely embarrassing.)

So from that first day I went surfing with the gang from 17 th street with my yellow and purple surf board and still to this day.. I am known as Puddle Duck!  I like to stay in the shore break and ride that break all the way to the sand… hence puddle duck.

can be fearless sometimes and usually it’s with things or situations that most people would find intimidating.  Other times I like to practice quite hesitancy, meaning you do it first and I’ll go last and even then I like to stick my toe in first!

Now that I have a Linc, I like to see what character traits he gets from me and which ones he takes after from Tuck.  Linc is the funniest little man and he has the best mixture of both of us.  He sometimes practices “quiet hesitancy as well” like with the sand box!  He won’t get in it and heaven forbid he trips… he will face plant before he puts his hands down, but by golly he will build a sand castle and smash that thing to bits getting his hands completely sandy as well as every other part of his body!

But he is also completely fearless too and will jump from the highest of places without a second thought.  He will climb a rock wall with one hand and scale a slide with ease.  He will be the first to dive head first in the water and he can dismount on the gymnastic rings in a full jackknife flip landing with superior form!

I love to watch him take on these tasks and see his reaction and which avenue he is going to take:  is he going to think this through with thoughtfulness and subtlety;  or is he going to blaze right through it like a bull?!

Just the other day in a brief break from a rainy spell I dressed him up in all his rain gear, grabbed my camera and took him outside to see what he would do!

These are the days I live for as a mom!

He walked up and down the driveway at first… pondering and thinking.  He pointed out all the birds and all the beautiful things we forget to take in and notice as adults but children see with such wonder!

Then he found it… the giant puddle!  He took after it and literally DOVE in it, face first!  We had a moment of panic when face met the cement but tough little cookie he is… he brushed me aside and for hours he just jumped and stomped and splashed!

Just like his momma… my little boy is also a puddle duck!  But this little duck has the spirit and tenacity of lion just like his daddy!  He won’t be staying in the break for long.  It’s only a matter of time before this puddle duck takes on bigger waves!

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