The Branding Process and a sneak peek of the new logo


I’ve talked about this before, but now it’s time to actually talk about it!

When I first met with Katelyn James for my coaching session almost a year ago, one of the first things she told me to do for my business was to get re-branded or rather branded in general!  What I had been working with was just a logo a wonderful friend had created for me out of the kindness of his heart!  It had been working beautifully and I really up until that point didn’t need anything more!

But when I met with Katelyn James my business was at a point of growing or standing still.  Did I really want to pursue this as my professional career and get serious about it?  I mean really serious!  Now was the time for me to decide whether I wanted to go ahead and start pushing forward and doing the grunt work to make this into what I wanted it to be!  Was I willing to put in the sweat and heart and money and the time?!  Or did I just want to leave it where it was like some do and just realize it was all just a great fun hobby that took me further than I thought?!

Getting branding really meant I wanted to take this seriously and I wanted to be taken seriously not just by other photographers and by my clients… but by myself!

So I eagerly and excitedly started this process!  I met with Tyler from The Girl Tyler and we have worked pretty tirelessly together since December to create a logo and colors and design that represents me and who I am as a photographer and what it’s like to be a part of my family as a client!

Tyler is pretty amazing… from the first meeting she pulled out things about me that I didn’t even put together!  It was like magic.  When I left the meeting and came home I realized things about myself and my home and my space that were so “me” that I never even noticed before.  Things like I have a love for certain colors that I didn’t realize that just flow through without notice, or my love for circles and all things dots or bubbles!  What crazier is that she drew things from my childhood that were always associated with me and my name… things I never even mentioned to her or brought up.  That blew us both away and kind of weirded us out a bit!

We are in the final stages of our work together now and it’s super exciting but it’s also bittersweet!  I am so excited to roll out all the new stuff Tyler has worked so hard to create and design!  I can’t wait to change out the website and make it feel more like the true me!

But I’ve gained such a wonderful friendship with Tyler over these past few months!  One thing I have learned about branding is that you are really sharing your heart and soul with your designer.. it’s a trust and bond that isn’t to be taken lightly!  So not only have I gained something wonderful for my business;  I’ve also gained a wonderful friend and relationship for myself!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Typography Tyler and I have chosen to work with!  I think it’s the perfect match to some of the other elements Tyler has created!

And here is some of the inspiration from my design board… which should give you an idea of the colors we are using and some of the textures…

and you saw my colorful outfit in my session with Linc that Elizabeth Friske did!

So be on the lookout for the full reveal of all of Tyler’s hard work!  I can not begin to explain how excited and proud I am of this!  It is truly a labor of love and an opening of my heart and soul!

Check back soon to see EVERYTHING!!!

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