Shenanigans-Adventures of Linc And Wink


Blogging calendars:  they are GREAT except when life gets in the way!  I promised and had planned a bunch of posts this week but Linc has been experiencing these weird series of extremely high fevers that come in a pattern and have no rhyme or reason to them.  They come in a flash and disappear in one!  They are scary and miserable and they throw us both off of our game.  Blogging calendar out the window.

BUT out of this mess has come a really hysterical bonus and has inspired me to start an entirely new series!

Despite feeling super sluggish and yucky… Linc still wants to play and he is in the most FUNNY stage!  Have you ever seen that hash tag on instagram called kids were here?!  If you haven’t and you  need a pick me up.. spend some time.  You’ll pee your pants.

Linc has been really into pretend play lately which is AWESOME!  And so I’ve been finding little wonderful treasures around our house that lets me know where he’s been.  So in honor of this wonderful stage of our life… we now have Linc and Wink Shenanigans:

Let’s demonstrate what I’m talking about… I put him down for nap the other day to find…

Watch you “booty”.

And then there’s this…

Future Game of Thrones director?!

Things like this crack me up! I have knights peeking out of my ugg boots… spider man gets left in the mixing bowls, fake food is always in the fridge!  This is the best kind of real life story telling!

Stay tuned for the weekly posts of Linc and Wink’s Shenanigans every Wednesdays!

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