My Eye-Fi Pro X2 Card (Coffee break Chats)


Since January… my life has changed!

It’s hard with a hubs who wants to stay up to date on the adventures of little man and all his shenanigans with sharp and crisp photos!  NICE photos!  I love my iphone but it’s not that amazing.. I’m not that amazing with the i phone camera!

Obviously I love photography… I love my canon and I love my amazing lenses!  I love being able to capture our real life moments at the exact time they are happening and share these beautiful stories.  What I do not love is all the time is takes to shoot, download, process, edit and save and then finally post or share those pictures!  With limited time and a crazy toddler to keep up with I just wasn’t making my nice canon camera a priority!  I wasn’t taking time to practice or hone my skills and it was collecting dust on my shelf.  It was awfully sad.  All in the name of convenience, I would just use my iphone and I was missing the crispness and control my professional camera would give me.

Enter… the Eye-Fi Card!  It has completely rocked my world!

Here’s how it works:  I take photos with my REAL camera!  My professional camera, which I now leave out on the counter, bring with me in my purse, take to the park!  I then pick up my iphone  and the images that I just took with my professional camera have been wirelessly transmitted onto my iphone’s camera roll!  MIND BLOWN!  They are then ready for me to do a quick edit on my favorite app or to share instantly!  BOOM!!!

I can not begin to tell you how this has changed my life and how this will change my business!  There is a reason I put this under the coffee break chats!

  • I am now an “instagram cheater” but it does allow me to take a beautiful picture and post to instagram immediately to showcase my manual skills without any delay!
  • SNEAK PEEKS my friends!  This card also acts like any other card.  I purchased the 16 GB so I can take it on a session with me.  I can upload an image from my session right on the spot to my phone and publish a sneak peek THAT SECOND for instagram
  • WEDDINGS!!! The potential for weddings and this is incredible.. sneak peeks, slideshows, sending images from cell phone to cell phone to bride and groom?!  I once had a bride that wanted to text her groom an image of her garter but it was hard with the iphone! With this?! DONE!

The list could go on and on!  For us right now as a family it has done amazing things!  I am able to take photos of Linc and all his crazy funny shenanigans and send them to daddy two seconds later.  It’s priceless and absolutely worth every penny!

Here are a few of the images I’ve taken with my Eye-Fi so far:

Talk about real life story telling and documenting YOUR families life’s minute to minute!  This has been the best gift I have given myself and my family!



  1. Ummmm….That is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! Could you please tell me where I can purchase one of those…lol! Thanks,

    • says:

      Hi Jennifer! It IS Amazing and totally worth the investment! I purchased mine from Amazon! You can also order from photojojo I believe as well. I have the 16 GB but you can order 8 GB and other sizes too! I have the pro X2 and I recommend that over the mobi!

  2. Katie P says:

    Been wanting one of these forev!!! Totally have to do it! Love that you love it!

  3. […] shooting a session the only card in my camera is the Eye-fi card.  I did a full post on this card right here !  It’s amazing because I can take pictures with my mark iii and then it will immediately […]

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