Awkwardly Awesome Friday ya’ll!


It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these and it’s HIGH time!  I feel like 2014 has been just a non stop series of awkward!  Does anyone else feel the same way?  It’s getting a little bit ridiculous over here in our corner of things but at least it keeps me laughing!


  • Baking cookies for the neighbors to say thank you for all that you’ve done for us… only to realize after 5 attempts that you can’t even bake the pre-made cookies!  (Each batch came out horribly wrong in some way and tastes like metal or cardboard or dust!)
  • Linc finding out he could take his diaper off… in the crowded CVS.  Pantless… Diaperless… talking about his pee pee!
  • Little boys and “airplane stickers”  let’s just say they weren’t airplane stickers at all… and I didn’t think he was capable of opening that drawer.
  • Mispronounced words late at night (which can also be awesome and funny)
  • Grocery shopping with your leggings on inside out (and the little old lady pointing it out to you gracefully saying new moms all do stuff like that when they have little sleep… but I actually got 8 hours that night)


  • All of Linc’s new words!  He learns something new every day and it is SO awesome!
  • Shark bites, growling sounds, monkey noises…
  • Singing in the car and raising the roof while the car next to us hysterically laughs and points!  The baby in the back really breaks it down!
  • Chocolate pudding face
  • A new season of survivor
  • A gender reveal session upcoming!!!
  • Swimming in the big tub and blowing bubbles
  • Linc now wanting to hug and hold his friends hands!  MELT MY HEART!
  • Finger prints and kiss marks all over my monitor from our skypes with daddy
  • Dance party afternoons

What’s awkwardly awesome in  your world friends?

Coming up soon on the blog:  Gender reveal session, spring looks for family sessions, and mommy confessions!

Happy Weekend!!!

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