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The Full Session: Family Sessions at it’s finest!

October 31, 2023

mother and son at the beach candid photography


Exploring the Full Family Photography Session: What to expect!

In my last blog post, we talked about how we were going to do a 5 series blog post about the difference between mini sessions and full sessions! Well today is the day we are going to go all in on what exactly a full photography session is and all the details and goodies and treats you should look for!

When you find a photographer that you love and you are comfortable with; someone who has the style of photography you like and you can see yourself loving that style for years to come… that’s when it’s time to book a session!

Most photographers will have a few different types of sessions that they offer but the basic session type will come down to their regular full session (which they might call something different) or the mini session (a shorter/shoot and burn kind of session).

The Full Session:

  • If you are booking a full session with me, this means that you are getting my complete, one on one attention! Your date that we have selected based on YOUR schedule is completely yours and I will not book anyone else on that date! It is marked off in red on my calendar!
  • YOU have my undivided and complete attention!
  • You are given control over most everything: The location (which I hope is somewhere that means something to you and your family) the date of your choice depending on our calendars lining up, and you get the golden hour which is the best, beautiful, golden light!
  • We work together to make this the best experience possible and I go above and beyond to make sure you feel taken care of in a way that you will feel as though you are loved and cared for!
  • You and I will have ongoing communication from the very beginning to the very end; so much that by the time the session date actually arrives you will feel like you are meeting with an old friend!
  • I have many questionnaires and styling guides so that not only will you feel prepared before meeting me on the day; but I will know everyone in your family and what makes you unique and special!
  • I have a background in play, in fact I have a degree in it! So when we are shooting our session together it will feel like a giant play date with your family! I play a TON of games and we are constantly in motion!
  • There is no need to worry about what to do with your hands or where should I stand! I have games after games after games that allows for natural movement and beautiful, authentic, joyful images!

Duration & Galleries

  • A full session with me usually starts an hour and half before the sun sets and we shoot until the sun goes down OR until your family is finished with me and my crazy games! I think there is that misconception that the full session HAS to be the full hour-hour and half but it doesn’t! We finish when you are finished playing my games and to this date… the sun has always set first!
  • Full session clients are provided with an online gallery of a minimum of 40 hand edited unique images. These images are hand selected and edited by me and are perfect for printing to hang on your walls, frame, or share with family and friends.
  • You are also provided with options for other boutique products like hand crafted albums and gallery walls. This is all done from the comfort of your own home!

Stories and Legacies:

As a mom and a family photographer of over 12 years now, I know exactly what you want but also and more importantly what you need! There is a balance of the smiling images, the silly and the heartfelt ones! The candid ones that show the connection that you have right here and now in this very moment; and then the ones that show off the moments that are in between. Those are the moments that you don’t realize are happening, the ones that tell the story. The moments where you might be walking and looking for shells, the ones where your husband holds your daughters hand just so. The detail shots that sometimes are overlooked.

It’s in these full sessions that allow me the opportunity to capture all these moments! To shoot in a way that reads like a story: your story! These are the images that get passed down to the next generation. These are the images that you read like a long lost loved book.

The full session allows us time to relax a little, to take our time and really capture the moment as it is. There is no rush. There is nothing but you and your family! We’ve had the time to get to know each other and the level of comfort is already there. The only thing left to do is just play. I will fade away after a while and you will forget I’m even there.

That’s the goal! With the full session it truly is about being present with the ones you love and then seeing that love reflected back so you can hold it and keep it and pass it on!

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