35 And Alive! Amanda’s Surprise Cake Smash!


This beautiful, angel of a human being turned 35 this past Saturday and well what words can you say to describe Amanda?! I mean there just aren’t ENOUGH words in the English language?! She’s wild, she’s wonderful, she’s talented in just about all the things she’s ever set her mind to do. She’s completely giving and kind. She’s completely and 100% just OUT THERE and by out there she’s just that one person you know that is EXTRA of all EXTRA but you love her for it. In fact, you NEED her because she is so extra. She’s the person that teaches you about CONFIDENCE and how to rock it no matter what anyone thinks simply because you love it and you just need to be you! She’s the person that is always having the most fun and it doesn’t matter if she’s out with people or inside her house by herself watching a movie. She can have fun talking to a brick wall because friend’s… she IS THE FUN and we all know happiest girls are the prettiest girls!

So, what do you do for someone who is pure joy on her birthday? What do you do for someone who brings gifts to others on their birthday (and yes this is what she does). If you are me, you decide to celebrate her by surprising her… yes SURPRISING HER with an adult cake smash photo shoot!

It was not easy trying to keep this a surprise! I needed help, so I enlisted her BF Kim and we schemed this up together! Kim and I had some losses (like the epic lime green balloon that was my absolute favorite, and a few glitter surprises that were forgotten among this chaos of this session) but all in all it was a pretty incredible time! Even though I cried a little when we lost green balloon… and when she trickled her way up to the beach access, I wanted to scream RUN AMANDA… RUN! Because good gosh it was windy and Kim and were huddled around those balloons like our life depended on it!

There are some shots that were captured that will not be present. They are my absolute favorite and will go down in history but to protect everyone involved… they will forever remain behind closed doors!

All in all this was a huge surprise success! We laughed, we cried happy tears, we had some terrified moments where Amanda thought we were going to submerge her whole head underwater! That was awesome! We also had her thinking we were going to teach her a choreographed ocean dance! The surprise I think was the best part.

I think this might go down as one of my favorite sessions of all time. Here are some of the photos… I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



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