Our Favorite Place To Eat…. currently at Disney!

September 24, 2018

Our Favorite Places To eat At Disney


It’s been SO LONG since I’ve written a Disney specific blog post and it’s about high time ya’ll!  We get asked so many questions about Disney and Disney living and it’s the one thing as a whole family we feel INCREDIBLY blessed about:  to live so close to Mickey’s House as we call it and to be able to visit so often!

I know for me especially and for Linc too (thank goodness) it is still as magical as ever no matter how many times we are able to walk in!  It never gets old and the magic and wonder is never wasted on us!  We also always LOVE answering your questions about Disney and the Parks and the food and the resorts so please please please keep them coming!

We have lived here now for almost 3 years and ya’ll we STILL haven’t been able to explore everything and do all the things. I think that might be the best secret about Disney!  The fact that no matter how many times you visit, you may never uncover all it’s adventures! There is always something new or left uncovered for you to discover on your next trip!

Now, there are certain places, especially for dining that we have found that we LOVE THE MOST at this point and time and we keep coming back to and one of the most often asked questions is “where is the best place to eat….”

So I wanted to go ahead and answer with our favorite list of places that we are currently obsessed with!  Links included!

Our Favorite Place to Eat….. At Disney is……


  1.  The Wave:  By far this is, always has been and probably always will be our family’s favorite spot to eat breakfast/brunch!  The wave is located inside the Contemporary hotel near Magic Kingdom, so it’s incredibly convenient if you are planning a day at that particular park!  You can just park for brunch and walk on over.  We are in LOVE WITH and I mean for really real in love with their breakfast brunch!  We don’t even bother with menus because we all just waltz in (make reservations) and go straight for that brunch line!  This is our family’s go to for everything: holiday-yep we are there.  Mother’s day/Father’s day… we make reservations.  Family in town:  absolutely we will be there for breakfast!  Celebrating something special:  if we can swing it, we are there!  My favorite is the key lime eggs benedict and the cheesy hashbrowns!  My mouth is watering as we speak!  Everything in that brunch line is amazing!  I don’t even want to make a list because I will have to go ahead and go there tomorrow!
  2. Ohana Best Friends Breakfast:  Disney Polynesian Resort:  Ok so I’m technically cheating here because we haven’t been yet but I’m dying to go because I already know it’s amazing!  A friend of mine works there and I just know!  Plus it’s a character breakfast with Lilo and Stitch so enough said!



  1.  Sleepy Hollow:  This one is in Disney’s Magic Kingdom and it’s a small little place near the Haunted Mansion and a little off the beaten path in liberty square!  It’s delicious and my favorite is the spicy chicken and waffle sandwich!  Now for those of you who know me, you know I don’t like spicy things which basically means this is not all that spicy!  It’s just delicious!  They also have the most amazing funnel cakes as well!  Linc usually gets the corn dog nuggets but I heard word they aren’t served there anymore.
  2. Satau’li Canteen:  This is a quick service restaurant in Pandora but there is NO quick service about it and it’s by far my FAVORITE lunch place/ dinner place in the entire DISNEY PARKS combined!  If I were given a choice of were I could eat in all of celebration/Orlando area… I would choose Satau’li Canteen!  It’s just hands down delicious.  You can get hamburger Bao buns which ya’ll YUM or you can go healthy and make your own protein bowl!  Plus Pongu Pongu is next door where you can a drink right out of Avatar!


* This one is soo hard because there are so many great places.  I could take up an entire blog post!  There are quick service restaurants, fancy dining in restaurants and also resort restaurants!

So I’m going to actually leave this one for another blog post but list one of the MUST DO restaurants that everyone should know and try for at least ONCE when they come for Disney!

California Grill:  This is also in the Contemporary Resort and it’s located at the very top!  This is a must do and coordinate with the timing of the fire works at the Magic Kingdom.  So when you make your reservation, try to make it as close to the time of the fireworks.  This will be hard but know that the California Grill will allow you to come back up as long as you save your receipt.  Not only is the food amazing, but when the fireworks begin, they turn down all the lights and play the same music as the show!  So you get a front row seat basically to see the Castle firework show in the sky while you eat your meal!  It’s incredible!  It’s honestly the best date night place for you and your spouse!  It’s a splurge kind of dinner 😉  and it’s well worth it!  Our Favorite Places To eat At Disney


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