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Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Yesterday I shared Part 1 of this incredible families big exciting news and today I am super excited to share part 2 and reveal that part 2 for the Upham family was the journey from moving out of their dream house to:  dun dun dun… what they call, their dream BIGGER home!

Everyone has dreams!  Some are small dreams that we get to accomplish every single day.  Those are the dreams that turn into small victories and each night when we lay our head on our pillows we get to breath in a sense of “I did it” and that is more important than I could ever express in words!  That sense of achievement and accomplishment of yes I can!  That I made something happen, I checked something off and more importantly I made a difference in the world today or in someone’s world today!

Then we have bigger dreams;  the dreams that we put on vision boards and we cast out into the universe and cast vision!  Some call this big hairy scary dreams.  Others call these dreams fairy tales… but all these dreams take is a little bit of perseverance, some motivation, and an ability to keep getting up and do the work when sometimes the work gets hard and knocks you down from time to time!  These are the dreams that make you want to scream from the roof tops when we accomplish them!  And that was exactly the home that Brent and Alli had created and brought baby Cam Jam home too.

But ya’ll… dreams don’t just stop when we accomplish them!

We don’t stop dreaming when we get there… and that’s the biggest take away I’ve learned from this family!  We get to continue dreaming.  We get to continue to make our own magic and that’s exactly what the Upham’s did!  They kept putting in the work.  They kept dreaming together and saying… what if we did this thing.  What if we kept going.  What if we kept taking our every day small dreams and turning those every day victories and changed lives every single day and made that into another big hairy scary dream?!

What if we just kept going?!  😉

And guess what happened?!!!

I don’t want to just tell you what happened guys… I want to show you what happened!

I want to show you that there were able to grow their dream into a reality to create a retreat:  a place where everyone in their BIG FAMILY… not just the three of them but extended family, beachbody family, church family and more could come and be filled and comforted and supported in THEIR DREAMS.  They wanted to create a Dream Bigger… home!


A favorite place… to watch the sunrise and sunset!

Family Portrait time!

And from here on out, it’s just pure fun and relaxation!!!


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