Happy January Friends


Happy January Friends!!  Ok, so it’s been a while (a long while)!  We are in fact alive and well!  We have been enjoying our time together as a family;  and yes I had planned to take a few weeks (short ones) off to enjoy the holiday season with my boys.  Then life happened, and a few short weeks turned into well kind of a month plus a few days and that mom life that is oh so sweet and oh so hard to balance sometimes caught me by the toe!  I fell into the swing of OH MY GOSH… how am I ever going to get back in front of my computer with all the other things that I need to do?!  You know those things…. laundry, dishes, cleaning, sorting through the buckets of toys in the playroom that aren’t even toys anymore they are now just broken parts of former toys and bits of playdoh that have gone dry and gross!  Then there’s the meal planning and the grocery shopping and the laundry again because no matter how many loads I do, it’s still piling up and stinking up the washing machine and gosh darn it, when is it going to fold itself?!  And man oh man… the other list:  the blog calendar and the updating and the figuring out what I want to do for the next year!!!

So… I hid!  Yep I actually hid from it all and if felt kind of good~!  Sadly though, it had to come to an end and now I’m back!  I’m ready to share all the fun things and even the not so fun things!  I’m ready to get back to work and life as we usually know it, but with some hopeful improvements!

I’m hoping you all had a fabulous Holiday season and that your January is shaping up to be fun and exciting!

Somehow I have ended up kind of blowing right by January and am already planning for February!  This weekend I ran a fun little trial mini session with some friends that turned out to incredibly fun!  It was so much fun that I decided to go ahead and open up a weekend of mini sessions!  Check out the details below and e mail me for more information!

In the meantime, I’m happy to be back and I’ll catch ya later in the week to share some more stories and sessions!!!

little boy and french bulldog sharing cotton candy for valentines day


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