Weekend Re-cap


Hi Friends!

Last weekend we had a wild weekend!   It was a great weekend… but the kind of weekend where we all just ran and ran and ran until we ran ourselves down into the ground (or bed rather)!  It was great and we enjoyed every single second of that weekend!  But… Tuck and I thought we should probably have a relaxing weekend this weekend since most of our week was spent recovering from the past whirlwind of a weekend!

We went for a dip in the pool, we ate dinner with friends while Linc played with a new babysitter, and we even had a wonderful dinner in with friends that have become family!  We had a great weekend at home;  and you know what?  I”m actually more exhausted from this weekend than last weekend… isn’t it funny how these things work out like that!!

Here are some awkward/awesome moments from this weekend:


  • Having to tell each of our babysitters here that Linc is at the appropriate height/and age where he for guys… he goes in for a hug/punch right where it counts 😉  and for girls, he is obsessed with his private areas!!!  Sorry ladies! hashtag… boymom!
  • Tuck and I laying in bed last night with Linc putting him to sleep and trying to figure out 1. Is he really asleep and can I move my arm and 2. laughing hysterically when we Tuck tries to move his head off my arm only to be hissed at like a cat and then swiped at with feet and arms flying like a ninja cat!  We still aren’t sure whether Linc was asleep or awake and trust me, I’m not doing this ninja cat “thing” justice because it was crazy hysterical and I am laughing now as I type this!  I’m dying to get in on camera for an instagram story!
  • Trying to be nice and kind to my husband by grabbing and mint for him after leaving dinner with friends and realizing when I say something that was mildly inappropriate that my husband would take it way way WAY out of context and run with it during the car ride home and hours later!
  • Linc having his entire face skinned and bruised from a skateboard accident.


  • Dinner with friends all weekend long!  Dinner out at a new restaurant and dinner in!
  • Linc loving the new underwater camera and pretending he is a “mermaid”.  We keep trying to get him to say mer-MAN but he won’t go for it.  Potato, pota-toe!
  • SILKS CLASS!!!!  If you saw my instagram video where I was hanging upside down, that was me at Silks!  It’s amazing and my friend Jodi is incredible!!!!  She introduced me to this new way of fun and working out and seriously ya’ll… mommy joins the circus!
  • Lacrosse season is starting and I’m coaching!
  • Soccer season is starting and Linc is now playing!! I can’t wait to see all these little ones like an amoeba on the field!
  • I have just found Reign on Amazon and I’m sucked in ya’ll!!! SUCKED IN!
  • Pre-school!  That’s all I have to say…afternoon pre-school!!!!

Here’s our weekend summed up in images!  More to come this week friends:  some photography basics and what’s in my bag along with some super fun sessions as well!

children and family photography brooke tucker

Shark Bait

children and family photography brooke tucker

Canon Ball!



children and family photography brooke tucker

Racers… take your mark, get set…. GO!!!

children and family photography brooke tucker

SOoo. Cool

children and family photography brooke tucker

Exhaustion before Dinner

children and family photography brooke tucker

Preschool Homework

children and family photography brooke tucker


children and family photography brooke tucker


children and family photography brooke tucker


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