Friday Fun (and a little nonsense)

August 19, 2016


Happy Happy Happy Day!!! It’s Friday!!!! I love Fridays and even more than ever lately, I’m loving this day because it means Linc  (and believe me, I never thought I would say this) doesn’t have school for two whole days!  Trust me, I adore his school and I love the freedom I have when he goes to school for a few hours in the afternoon.  But… (and I know you aren’t supposed to ever start a sentence with but) I love knowing on Fridays that we get to have a full two days of just solid family time to do whatever we want without interruption and then come Monday we are all ready for the structure and balance that school brings once again!

I thought in honor of Friday, and since I have I haven’t done one in so very long, we would have a little bit of fun today on the blog!  It’s always fun to share a bit of nonsense and random!  I love when I read the blogs that I follow when share a little bit of information on themselves!  I especially love it when it’s totally nerdy and geeky or awkward because as we all know I am totally all of those things!  I feel like I can deeply connect with them even more after reading their deep, dark weird secrets because I share those same weird tendencies!  We are all a little weird!  That’s what makes us interesting!

So here’s a little bit of nonsense about me (and some about my family too) and hopefully you can connect with us and join in on our little band of weirdness!  Connect with me in the comments and let me know I’m not alone!! 😉

I’m going to start off slow as to not completely shock you!

10 Geeky Weird Things You Might Not Know about Me… and possibly my family too!!!

  1. I am a registered member of the Gryffindor House!  Yep I am total Harry Potter Fan girl!  I’m such a fan girl that I might have dressed up at the midnight release of  one (or several) of the book releases!
  2. I snort uncontrollably when I am truly belly laughing!  I have tried to hide this for years because I mean gosh… how embarrassing right?!  But ya’ll I have come to terms with the fact that I am a snorter!  I have embraced the snort and I kind of love it!  It means that I am having a good time.  It means that I am having a great time and I am truly belly laughing from the bottom of my gut!  If the snort comes out… it’s a compliment!  Don’t be shy, don’t be embarrassed… be proud!!
  3. My son is a licker!  There… I’ve said it!  He likes to lick all things:  fence posts, walls, potentially your face!  We aren’t sure why and I have been told “it’s a boy thing” so I’m hoping I’m not quite alone.  Maybe it will go away in time, but for right now, we are just turning our heads the other way.  Sweet, weird lovable angel boy that he is!  You can see what I mean on instagram!
  4. I can eat mayonnaise with a spoon!  I love mayo that much!  I’m sure some of you might think that’s more gross than weird but either way I think it’s pretty fitting for this kind of post!  I adore mayo!  I just do!  I love to mix it with ketchup!  I love to mix it with hoisin sauce!  I love to mix it with lemon!  I love to mix it just about anything!  My favorite breakfast is avocado toast with a bit of salt and mayo!
  5. I LOVE to watch the same shows over and over again!  My favorites to binge watch:  Alias, Burn Notice, Harry Potter (of course) Merlin and Gilmore Girls
  6. Did I mention I love anything with magic?!!!  Totally geeky weird but I just do.  In a past life I think I must have been some kind of healer that either HAD magic or worked with science and alchemy!
  7. Linc and I both come by our clumsy/accident prone habit naturally!  It’s just something that we were born with and are just naturally gifted!  It happens so often to the two of us that I feel the need to actually count how many times we fall down, run into things, trip over something or walk straight into walls but I’m afraid I will lose count!  I actually purposely try not to run into things only to end up smashing into something else!  One time on a first date I smashed into a parked car (while walking) and flipped over the car landing on my face scrapping my chin to the point of bleeding!  There wasn’t a second date!  I usually fall down our stairs twice a day.  Linc trips over his feet 3 or 4 times a day.  I shut my legs in the car door at least twice a week.  One time I even caught my elbow in the window?!!!  Don’t even ask me how!  Yet at the same time I have been a graceful dancer all my life, I teach body flow and I can surf?!  Ask me how it’s possible to be so clutzy and so graceful at the same time?!
  8. I have “toddler-like excitement overload” as Tuck calls it!  He actually told me to add this one to my geek list!  I don’t think it’s that weird… is it weird?!  I guess I get “overly excited” like all the time about “every little thing”!  I think it makes me endearing and sweet.  He says it makes me a little overwhelming at times and geeky-weird!  It is true though!  I get excited about pretty much everything.  I can’t help it.  I think pretty much everything is exciting for the most part.  I think life should be lived that way!  Linc totally gets this from me and his level of excitement is off the charts!  I LOVE that he gets this from me.  If life isn’t celebrated than why are we living it!  Maybe I do take it to the extreme but hey, we all should have at least one person in our life who gets excited about every little thing!  It makes life so much more fun and also it makes us remember that life should be celebrated from the small things to the great things!
  9. Linc and I both HATE shoes!!!  I absolutely hate wearing shoes, even flip flops!  I just hate it and wearing shoes actually makes me feel suffocated a bit!  I love living here in Florida now because I hardly ever wear shoes anymore!  Celebration is such a small little town so we can basically walk or ride bikes if we need to go anywhere!  If I  need to take Tipper for a walk, I just attach her leash and out the door I go… barefoot.  If I’m taking Linc to school, I can hop on the bike (barefoot) and to school we go (well maybe I would put shoes on for that).  Pool…. we go barefoot on bikes.  Friends house… barefoot on bikes or just walk on over!  It’s great that we can just run right out the door and go with no shoes, especially because both Linc and I really have horribly stinky feet when we wear shoes!
  10.  I have no personal space!  I’m a hugger at the first meeting!  I invade personal space all the time!  It CREEPS people out sometimes!  It just does.  I’m an intense high fiver!  I love physical contact… I just do!  It’s how I show my love for people!

What are some geekily-weird things about you?!  Do we have some of the same things in common???

Happy Friday Friends!!!  I hope you are going to have a great weekend ahead!  We have some things planned and then we have nothing planned as well!  Those are some of the best weekends!!!



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