Weekend Re-cap and Back to Business


Happy Monday Afternoon Friends!

We’ve been enjoying the last few days of summer vacation around here which is partly why I’ve been so absent from the world of blogging (among other reasons!)  Our school year officially started last week and while I think as a kid I would be horrified, as a parent I am thankfully very much appreciative!

Linc started his first legit year of big time pre-school!  It was very exciting!  In Virginia Beach we had him in the Goddard school so he is well versed in school, but this year just feels so different!  He started the VPK program (which is amazing ya’ll… all my Virginia friends need to get on that… it’s a state program that pays for your child to go to pre-school) at our local community presbyterian church and the curriculum there is amazing!  We couldn’t be more thrilled and blessed all in one!

Since our little guy is in the afternoon class, we spent lots of mornings playing and taking our time just enjoying the mornings together as a family.  We played lots of team hot wheels, took long walks with Tipper and ate Chick fil A before heading over to class!

We also spent the weekend at Mickey’s house with some friends and swimming at the pool past bedtime!

Tuck and I broke out our new favorite toy: our Ikelite underwater housing for my big girl camera the 5D markiii!  I can not even begin to describe how much fun this was not only for us but for the kids too!  Everyone felt like mermaids and mermen!

Sometimes I think being able to take some time off away the world of social media, away from the blog and away from being just “a professional” are just good for the soul!

I feel like as mamas and boss ladies (and gents) it’s almost necessary to unplug for our children and ourselves!  We put so much pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone and continue to find new and exciting ways to be creative and challenge our hearts and our minds yet we hardly ever take a break.  Sometimes it even feels like a cardinal sin to slow down and rest because our business will fail.

Yet when we finally do slow down because our children demand it or our bodies force us to;  we realize how energizing it actually can be and how after chugging along so much that much needed break ends up refilling our cup that was running on empty for so long!

How do you find balance with your family?  Do you take a day off every now and again to just unplug and put the world aside and play?  How often do you choose to commit to that?

We should all come up with a goal or a plan I think!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and cheers to a wonderful week ahead friends!

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