Happy Happy!


Happy Friday everyone and to all my  mama friends… happy Mother’s Day Weekend!!!

Mother’s day always seems to creep up out of nowhere am I right?!  Maybe it’s because we are all so busy just being mama’s that we forget?!

Either way… there will be a special post coming on Monday for all the amazing mother’s that allow me the honor of capturing them with their babies!  It’s so important that us mama’s get IN the picture too!

But for now… HAPPY FRIDAY and enjoy your weekend!!!

Here’s to my little and an amazing video a friend of mine posted on FB this morning that I had to share!  This is TOTALLY what I will be doing on my mother’s day!  When the house is empty (or so I think) I LOVE to get my groove on while I clean!

Have a good laugh and HEY MAMAS:  Let your hair down!!!


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