Our first visitors

May 5, 2016

Elizabeth and RJ visit Celebration


There is nothing that I could have asked for more in order to make this place feel more like a settled home, than having Elizabeth come down for a visit!

Elizabeth is one of my people!  She is one of the people that I know I can call to talk about absolutely anything!  She will be there when you need her and also… she just makes you feel comfortable!  This is why when I was talking with Tuck before the move, I let him know how important it was to me to have Elizabeth either drive down with me or fly down to help us get settled!  She just reminds me of home, makes me feel comfortable and at home and also… she helps to CREATE a home!

We all know Elizabeth is a decorating genius!  She just has this way that is just too perfect and hard to put into words!  She and RJ both were able to help Tuck and I create a space that isn’t just a house… it’s a space that feels like home with all the elements we love;  most importantly for me… a space that every time I look at my shelves or my gallery walls brings me a piece of her!

E and RJ flew down here about a week after we had officially moved in!  It was perfect because it gave us the excuse and the drive to really get our house unpacked and organized!  It was also perfect because it helped us relax and explore our new town the way it’s meant to be explored and enjoyed:  with friends!

We spent our long weekend all around main street, cocoa beach and then also just enjoying the new house and introducing them to the friends we had met down here!  It was one of the best weekends our little family has had here so far!  We love visitors and it really does bring us joy to share this town with our friends from back home!

It’s really hard to put into words the feeling of sharing something you love so much with someone who holds (and always will hold) a special place in your heart!  Elizabeth and I took walks with Linc and Tipper on the trails that are all around this town;  trails that I have come to love and ride with Lincoln almost every day.  We hosted our first BBQ and it was just heartwarming to see all of our friends laughing and sharing moments with these two people that we love so much!  We also just took our time enjoying the local downtown scene which included the exotic car festival!  Elizabeth and I also took an afternoon to just have a few drinks 😉 and decorate the house which as I said before brings me more joy than ever because I know I will always have a little piece of her here in my home!  I’ve always said Elizabeth should have been a decorator and it took her minutes compared to what it would have taken me to take our home from just a cute house to an actual home with heart!  Don’t worry… I’ll be blogging some pictures of our house soon and all the beautiful touches that Elizabeth left for me to enjoy!!

For now, here are some of my favorite images from the weekend with them!  Most of these were taken from my camera but there are a few that I stole from Elizabeth’s!!! She was kind enough to take some family images for us while she was here and those are getting printed and framed as we speak!

Elizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationWe took a long walk through the trails behind our house and Linc decided it was time for a break!  He and Elizabeth did a little yoga, looked for gators and then he attacked her with love!  Linc adores “miss bethie” and from now on I believe our guest room will be forever known as Bethie’s room!!!

I mentioned above that the weekend they were here was the exotic car show and woah… were there some impressive cars!  Linc fell in love and I’m not sure but I think he might grow up to be some kind of gear head!  THIS below… was his signature pose!  This kid is just cracking me up these days.  He walked straight up to his favorite cars and struck this pose time and time again!  There was absolutely no prompting from this mama and all four adults were rolling laughing!

Elizabeth and RJ visit Celebration

We spent a night out at the Tavern which was not only delicious but full of perfect memories!!  Some of these images aren’t pretty technical speaking and my photographer brain says.. YIKES!  BUT my mama heart sings when I see these and that’s the most important thing to remember when we create images for others:  It’s not always about perfection or technical genius!  It’s more about the feelings and emotions these gifts we give can bring up and for that I will always take a grainy, technical incorrect image over a perfect one any day!

These images of Linc running through the fountain with my friends will forever be imprinted on my heart!

Elizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit Celebration

We took a Saturday to just breathe in one of our favorites places… the beach! We drove down to Cocoa which is about an hour or hour and half drive from Celebration. I can’t tell you how much it soothes my soul to know we are still close to the beach and the ocean! In fact, during the summer we will take weekend trips to keep our feet in the sand and the ocean!  We had lunch at the International Palms (Mambo’s to be exact) and then took our drinks and a sand bucket or two down to the ocean despite the wind and the choppy waves!

This day was super special because it was the first time Linc actually made it into to water on his own!

Elizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit Celebration

My gorgeous friend doing what she does so well:  capturing stills of the ocean that calls to her heart!

Elizabeth and RJ visit Celebration

I always feel like such a goof when Elizabeth turns the camera on me!!


Elizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit Celebration

Elizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit CelebrationElizabeth and RJ visit Celebration

We LOVED having you guys here, E and RJ! It just doesn’t seem quite complete now without you! We can’t wait until your next visit and promise me it will be sooner than later!

Visitors are always the best because it makes you appreciate your surroundings in a whole new light! We loved sharing our love for this little town with them! Although we may be far apart in miles… we will never be without each other in our hearts!!!

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