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January 11, 2016

365 day challenge by brooke tucker photography, children's portrait


365 day challenge by brooke tucker photography, children's portrait

Title Caught ya didn’t it?!!!


How was your weekend Friends?!  Ours was just like that title… a quickie!

We took a little trip just for 24 hours and it was a little crazy but it was FUN!

I used to be super nervous about traveling and flying with a toddler!  I won’t even lie… I still get anxious right before we get to the airport!  My thoughts always swirl around in my head:  will Linc be good, will he sit still, is he going to annoy anyone, is he going to cry, is he going to scream?!  BUT then I remember something a good friend told me who traveled with her first born extremely early;  she said you do the best you can and if someone doesn’t understand then that’s their problem, not yours!

We have been extremely blessed though so far in our travels!  Linc is such a curious little traveler.  He behaves extremely well and usually either wants to look out the window (so he always gets the window seat) or he will settle back down with his kids kindle and read books with me or occasionally watch a movie (and usually fall asleep!)

We usually pack lots of snacks for him and of course, he LOVES it when they come around with the drinks and cookies or pretzels!

This weekend, we all felt like we were on the airplane non stop!

We only touched down in Florida for about 24 hours, no joke!  We had enough time to spend with friends for breakfast and then a fun Luau dinner show at the Disney Polynesian Resort!

In tradition here are some lessons learned in the best fashion… awkward/awesome moments!


  • Linc wearing his hulk headset so of course naturally his level of speaking volume was increased by 7 decibels… yelling about the plane GOING DOWN!!!  Of course to him that meant the plane landing, to the extremely anxious young adult beside us who was crying the second she stepped on the plane it was terrifying!  SHHH Linc… SHHH!
  • Linc telling everyone he’s going on a trip to Florida when he’s actually IN Florida and totally not understanding that we had arrived!  He actually was to the point of crying because he just didn’t understand the trip was over and we were in Florida!
  • Linc ALWAYS deciding to fall asleep when we take early morning flights right as we are landing!  (no joke it’s like 5 minutes before we touch the ground!)
  • The weird quasi diversion we experienced having to go from Orlando to LGA but not being able to land in LGA so instead landing in CT and then hopping off the plane for 15 minutes only to get back ON the plane and go straight back to LGA and then actually making our flight to Norfolk b/c that flight was delayed!  Are you confused yet because we absolutely were and so were the rest of the passengers on our flight!
  • The terrible turbulence on the flight that people were experiencing in the back of our plane!  We experienced it as well but for sure not as badly because our flight ran out of air sickness bags and started passing out trash bags which they also ran out of!  When we did land, everyone clapped!  We felt soo badly for everyone who was sick!  Thankfully Linc slept right on through it!


  • The Disney Polynesian show!  If you ever have a chance to go it was amazing!  The sword and fire dancer was incredibly insane!  Linc cried in anticipation because he was scared but when he came on the stage he sat there mesmerized!  It was truly mesmerizing to watch!  And the food ya’ll… the family style buffet was delicious!  OH MY… yall!  Sooo good!
  • I found a new book and I’m totally obsessed with the story!  Plus… any of those Harry Potter fans out there you should read it BECAUSE Emma Watson is set to play the main character in the movie that’s in production right now!
  • We took Linc to gymnastics last week (like legit gymnastics) and they already want him to move up a class!  Plus watching him listen like he did and actually really enjoy himself and take his time was so cool for me as a mom!  I did have ONE moment of stage mom/dance mom but I quickly cleared that out of my system!  woah guys… not ever going to be that mom over here!  Don’t let me!
  • The new body flow release comes out this Saturday and I’m excited to be launching it with my friend Amanda!!!

This week I am BACK on schedule… finally and will be rolling out some great blogs! So check back this week so you can see some adorable little ones!


Also, We have a big announcement coming soon… but we can’t reveal it just yet!!! So keep a lookout for that!! 😉



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