Happy New Year My Friends!!!

January 4, 2016

365 photography challenge, black and white by brooke tucker photography


Happy New Year my friends!  Did you all have a wonderful holiday season?!

Our little family slowed thing down over here and it was marvelous!  We took a break from working, from social media (I mean as much as you can really, my instagram was still firing away of course) and from blogging!  We decided to just really enjoy the time together going and doing fun activities and watching movies on the days we decided to stay at home and actually playing with all of our new toys as a family!

I actually watched Star Wars for the first time in my life!  I know that’s probably going to shock some of you out there, but I have never seen any of the Star Wars before last week!  NONE, actually!  What’s even more awkward is the fact that I grew up on the Ewoks!  Did you know that they have entire movie duo all to themselves?!  My brother and I used to watch the two all the time!  So somehow I bypassed the Star Wars series and went straight for a spin off!

Our neighbors are amazing and we are so blessed to have such an incredible family right across the street!  They lent us their copy of the entire collection and we have slowly been making our way through at night when Linc’s asleep.  Linc has been loving the older ones (because of course he is in love with Darth Vader… weird child, I’m telling you my kid loves the villains!)  So now that we are watching the older trilogy, we usually include him in on them later in the afternoon when the activities are done for the day and he is just mentally and physically exhausted.  We like to call this the witching hour!!!

365 photography challenge, black and white by brooke tucker photography

One of the most important goals that 2016 holds for me is to really embrace to 365 day challenge!  I really want to start capturing life in a single shot every day for one year!   I love the images that this challenge produces!  The simple random acts and reflections that it brings is really incredible and breathtaking!

This was a random image of Linc from last year that I caught because my camera was just available.  He loves to dance and he is always on the move.  Whether these images are perfectly precise and technically correct or not, the goal is to capture the essence of the day!  I love the notion of that!  The idea of letting go and just capture life as it is happening!

365 photography challenge, black and white by brooke tucker photography

As always a little lessons learned from our weekend, but I think it’s always more fun to do them in an awesome/awkward kind of way!


  • Spending so much time outdoors this holiday season with the warmer weather and watching Linc show complete fearlessness as he rode skateboards (standing up), my new Hammerhead paddleskate board by himself, and taking on some pretty crazy hilly driveways with his balance bike feet up!
  • Neighbor time and Brunch and outdoor time with our super fun neighbors and their kiddos!  Hearing them fill our house with screams (literally loud and high pitched screams) of joy and play!  Hearing their super fast running feet down the halls and the hugs and kisses they give one another.  I love this age for all the bonds and friendships and hugs and tears they have together!
  • The quality time we have had with Tuck as he has had no work and no travel since the week of Christmas!
  • Watching my Dad ride the paddleskate board like a pro and seeing the old surfer that he is come back!!!
  • The Beautiful Tianna of Andrew & Tianna photography and Yours Truly Portraiture giving me one of the best gifts I could ever receive!  Well two I should say… an amazing friendship and fellowship as well as the gift of seeing myself in a way that I never knew was possible!
  • Laughter!!!  So many laughs and that’s ALWAYS the best thing!!
  • A brand new year:  it’s like Anne of Green Gables says tomorrow is fresh without any mistakes in it!  I love the start of a new year for all that it holds!


  • Taking your little one who is entirely potty trained and has been for over a year now to the Children’s Museum for a day of fun and realizing that not even 5 minutes into the train room he makes this look that has you go WOAH… then tells you “Everything’s fine” only to realize about 3 minutes after that when he steps over to you that he’s walking funny and the front of his pants are completely soaked down to his shoes!!!  *Always keep a spare change of pants plus socks and shoes in your car if you have a boy!  Doesn’t even matter if he’s fully potty trained!  Just do it!  (Luckily we did!!!)
  • Taking your child to the field house to play and realizing your child has absolutely NO matching socks even though you are constantly buying socks.  Also none of the socks in his drawer full of socks actually fit him!  We found ONE pair, sent him off to play and an hour after playing came to realize WHY he has no socks.  While all his other friends come out of the play zone with their socks still on, my kid comes out mysteriously missing his socks and he has no idea how he lost them.  #wheredoallthemissingsocksgo
  • When your in the car with your sleeping child while your husband runs into the store for dinner ingredients and an elderly lady opens the car door and gets inside?!  Well Hi There!  Linc never woke up!!!  She was really sweet!!!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season and new year!  This week I have some wonderful sessions to show you so please keep checking back!  In the meantime if you would like to follow along with my 365 day challenge I will be posting them every monday after the re-cap!  If you would like to join in, I would be overjoyed!

For now….


JANUARY 1-3 (captions below each image)
365 photography challenge, brooke tucker photography

Super Hero with Daddy

365 photography challenge, black and white by brooke tucker photography

High Water Freedom

365 photography challenge, black and white by brooke tucker photography


365 photography challenge, black and white by brooke tucker photography





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