Weekend Re-cap

August 31, 2015


GOOD MORNING all my friends!!!

Hope your monday is shaping up to be a good one and a good start to the week!  It looks like it might rain over here in our corner of Virginia Beach but hey that’s ok.  You need a good rainy day every once in a while.  At least that’s how I feel about things.

You want to know something kind of funny… and slightly weird about me, although I know you must be thinking.. what’s NOT weird about me.  I love to check the weather each night before I go to bed.  I know most people probably do this, especially if you have little ones.  It helps you get prepared for the next day and go ahead and have an idea of what to plan/fun activities and such.  Today’s forecasts was supposed to be a little on the rainy and wet side so I already knew that going to bed.

So this morning.. and actually every morning I have an idea that it might be a little rainy I get tricked by our air conditioning and  my fan.  It’s kind of  a sad thing for me. When I wake up and this morning when I woke up, I thought I was waking up to the sound of rain, and I LOVE that!   I don’t know why but there is something kind of comforting about waking up to the sound of rain.  It’s like an extra excuse to stay snuggled under the covers with Linc!

So I smiled a little and pulled the covers up a bit.  Then I remembered this sneaky little trick from my house and decided to pull back the curtains and sure enough… no rain!  It was all just the sound of my fan and the air!  So I hopped out of bed instead and grabbed an extra large mug of coffee (but extra large I should put a picture of this new mug on instagram because it’s amazingly huge) and enjoyed a few moments of quiet before my boys woke up!

How has your morning been so far?!~

We had a great weekend over here!  Linc and I had a super busy and really fun week so we decided to continue that on through the weekend!  We kept our plans a little less crazy though and mixed in a good amount of down time!

Friday we met our friends at The Hub which is an awesome new place in Virginia Beach!  I didn’t even know it was there until my friend Brandi suggested we pack up the kiddo’s and meet there for dinner!

The Hub is a place at the oceanfront where a bunch of food trucks come and park and you can explore and sit down at the cutest picnic tables and just enjoy!!  If you haven’t been yet, you need to go FOR SURE!

It was the perfect night out for our families!  The Hub is the perfect date night out for the entire family.  It’s the cutest closed in open space (wow that’s kind of a contradiction right?!) and our little ones just ran around and had a blast!  Brandi and I sipped on orange crushes and just caught up on life and babies and work and love!  Linc and her little one Brooklyn had their own special “crushes” just for kids and I’m really not sure who had more fun Tuck or the kids playing chase and tag and tackle!

I also had probably the BEST crabcake of my life… hands down!  It was gourmet and I think I ate it in five seconds all the while making yummy noises!  It was called the Italiano and it had fresh basil, mozzarella, proscuitto and so so so much more!


Virginia Lifestyle Photographer Brooke Tucker

We spent the rest of the weekend soaking up some time together at the Children’s Museum and digging in the dirt outside!

Last night we took some time out together to grab Linc’s bucket and head down to the beach to gather some treasures!  Tuck started a sand fight which wasn’t too bad until Linc completely blasted me in the face from about two feet away!  I’m STILL getting sand out of my ears and hair!

It’s been so long since we’ve all been together for longer than 2 two days and this weekend was much needed quality time together.  I’m feeling a little selfish since we are also have quantity time too!

We so often take the little things for granted…like just being together and having one another!  Sometimes it’s nice to just remember and appreciate those small things and then soak them up!

I hope you have a happy Monday friends and take a moment to just appreciate one small thing that maybe you have every day but forget to appreciate!

Virginia Lifestyle Photographer Brooke TuckerVirginia Lifestyle Photographer Brooke TuckerVirginia Lifestyle Photographer Brooke TuckerVirginia Lifestyle Photographer Brooke TuckerVirginia Lifestyle Photographer Brooke Tucker


And here’s one from our trip to the beach last night!

Virginia Lifestyle Photographer Brooke Tucker

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