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June 2, 2015

Stunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker Photography


Stunning Outer Banks Sea Glass Wedding Brooke Tucker PhotographyStunning Outer Banks Sea Glass Wedding Brooke Tucker Photography


So often these days when we hear the word “wedding”, we think BIG:  big venues, big white dresses, big beautiful and bountiful bouquets, big bridal parties and big beautiful celebrations with amazing laughter and big heartfelt celebrations!  What’s beautiful though is that with the rise of DIY weddings and pinterest, more private weddings have been gracing us and actually taking our breath away by their stunning simplicity and well grace!  Big weddings will always have their flare, but it’s these small, intimate weddings that really remind us and take us to where the hearts are and should be!

This was exactly the case for the absolutely stunning sea glass beach inspired Hatteras, North Carolina wedding my friends shared with their closest and most dear family and friends!  This wedding had the feel of a destination wedding combined with an elopement yet when you were there you almost felt as if you had stepped back to a place in time where traditions and love were of the older days!  These two have a love that actually embody a love much like years gone past… it is a love that when you look at them and watch them together you feel as if you are seeing a love played out straight from the likes of The Notebook or Gatsby!  It’s a love that is so truly unconditional and accepting;  and this wedding my friends was an evening that taught every single guest a lesson on how to love just so!

It was a wedding that was truly about the two of them and their love for on another!  Another friend of ours described it best and I have to credit her with this line that fits so perfectly for how the entire day and evening played out!  Sometimes a wedding day can take over:  there are so many fun events that are to be done:  first dances and photos and cake cuttings and hugging of family members but not for the two of our friends!  Their wedding was simple and graceful and completely perfect because while all of those wedding day traditions were completed and absolutely with as much fun and laughter and style as we could possibly have had ( we even went extra steps to have a first look surrounded by the flirty tropical storm Anna looking on) these two most incredible people were completely wrapped up in as our dear friend Candice says “their own perfect little bliss bubble”!

They were so much a part of every conversation and every joke, every laugh, every hug and every smile of the evening,;  but also at the same time these two were so tightly wrapped up into each other that they had no eyes for anyone else!  They were so deeply and madly in love with each other that there was not a single moment there were not connected!

It’s time for me to stop talking because if I share anymore with words, I will start crying!  This was definitely an evening that I spent in tears and more tears of happiness!  What an amazing job I have to be able to capture evenings like this and share and be blessed in such an amazing way!

It was such an honor to share this day with these two sincerely incredible people!  I hope you enjoy just a few of the images from their amazing day… if you look closely you can truly see that “bliss bubble” and you can feel the grace and beauty that was there!


palatte of petals as always… you are AMAZING with your bouquets and florals!  They were able to put sea glass into the bouquet!!!

Stunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker PhotographyStunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker PhotographyStunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker PhotographyStunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker PhotographyStunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker PhotographyStunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker PhotographyStunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker PhotographyStunning Sea Glass Cape Hatteras Wedding Brooke Tucker Photography


The videographer’s were also such an amazing team!  We really enjoyed working with Chris and Chris from Swell Productions!  He arrived at just the right time, so we took our gorgeous bride outside to read a very special letter from her groom!


Oh my friend:  I know I have told you a million times, but you are simply gorgeous and breath taking!

Elizabeth, my second shooter and partner in crime for the day was over at the main house with the handsome groom!  He also received a very special letter!!!


With many tears and happy (anxious to be held) hearts we drove off to the lighthouse for our first look!  The rain started to come down but it really didn’t matter!  We had plentiful sunshine and two people who honestly wind, rain, storm, floods, fire or devastation would not stand in either of their way to get to one another!  I think they would cross the world for one another… and maybe they have!



While the guests made their way back to the house (there were many shells to be kissed, wished and thrown into the sea) we stole the happy couple for some romantic portraits!

* These might be my favorite ever guys!  What you don’t see is that we laughed and we cried!  Chris and Chris had drones and they were just like Elizabeth and I (they sung and jumped and hollered when they nailed the shot!)  These two are just so in love that what you see here… it’s not posed, it’s not coached.. it’s just THEM!  As I type, I’m crying now remembering because these images… these are all candid!  These are all them as if we weren’t even there!  These images are straight love!

Back to the house for the real fun to begin!


Perfect Bliss Bubble:  for the rest of their lives!!!


Love you both… and thank you for everything you have given me on that day because you taught so many people about how to love!


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