Weekend Re-cap

June 1, 2015



Well Happy Monday Morning Friends!!! It’s a beautiful morning here today in Virginia Beach and did we enjoy a beautiful weekend this past Saturday and Sunday or what?!  I was pretty sick but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the sunshine and the outdoors… all weekend long!

Sometimes I think when you ARE sick with a summer cold/cough the sunshine beating down actually makes you feel better! Plus.. when you are a mom or a parent of any kind the real truth of the matter is that you don’t get to be sick!  There are no sick days or lounging around (although my sweet, sweet husband did try to let me do those things as much as he could.. which was especially nice since he was the one who passed his sickness on to me!)

We spent our weekend “squishing” each other in the pool (that’s Linc’s word for squirting with squirt guns, it’s too cute and I don’t have the heart to change it!)  That’s really all we did folks:  squirt gun wars, diving lessons and canon ball splashing!  We made lovely summer salads and cooked on the grill!  I coughed up a lung and watched Into the Woods finally!

Our weekend was just as I wanted it to be… quiet, silly and ours!

Some things I learned this weekend…

  • I still need coffee!  Every now and then I amp it up with advocare!  If you haven’t heard of advocare click the link and check them out!  I found advocare when my migraines were taking over my life!  I am the healthiest UNHEALTHY person you will ever meet (for real ya’ll).  A girlfriend of mine introduced me to it and it has helped me with a lot of my issues (anemia, vitamin B and D deficiency and my migraines to name a few) but seriously though just a few!  We love the spark in our house BUT coffee in the morning is a habit I can’t kick.  We started the cleanse again (because honestly friends it DOES make me feel better)  but I still need that morning cup of coffee!
  • SAMBAZON juice for smoothies… soo I jumped on the Acai bowl boat big time.. but I can’t find the frozen packets locally!  I haven’t decided to jump on the ordering from amazon band wagon because they are expensive but at cocsco you can buy the big juice and make smoothies with them.  They are delicious!! So I’m drinking one now and it’s making me feel better about this whole cold thing!
  • PLANTAINS… ya’ll roasting them is super easy and in a salad it’s like WOAH!  We made fish tacos which are a favorite of mine and I whipped up a dressing that was super easy and included pineapple so it was super tropical (again woah)!  We poured the dressing over the fish tacos and over the salad with the plantains.. I blew my own mind!
  • SOOO mom moment ahead:  LYSOL became my best friend last Thursday night!  This might need to be a blog post in and of itself!  I always talk about how real is better than perfect and I am usually NEVER embarrassed about “MOM MOMENTS” but we had friends over (friends as in she’s like my sister friend) and Linc did something sooo weird and soo sad that we call it “the incident” now.  Let’s just say we had to quarantine our play house and lysol that beast DOWN because of said incident!  Then that night I felt like I needed to do the same!  Boys… and now I feel like I should buy stock in Lysol!
  • Can we talk about how I’m SUPER excited for this week because of an incredible project I finally am able to start working on called THE MOTHERHOOD JOURNALS!!!  More information to come on that very soon!  Just know that I’ve been dreaming about this and my heart has been so full about this for almost a year now!
  • PHOTOGRAPHER FRIENDS:  Are you a member of the Rising Tide Society?!  Did you know they are launching a blog?! Go check this out!!!


Alright so that’s how I spent my weekend!  We also took this cutie in the pool and lounged around with her all weekend! She was my  nurse and a great one at that!  Lately there’s been this huge FB post/feed whatever you want to call it about how horrible pitbulls are (that’s been around for a while) but also tattoos are and what awful parents those two make together… gotta say I must be THE WORST PARENT EVER THEN…Since I’m in both categories!

Can we for a minute just stop judging one another by stupid things based on face value without taking the time to get to really KNOW one another?!

I’m blonde but I’m not dumb (at least not all the time haha)  and I have tattoos but I’m pretty naive and a really good two shoe kind of girl… and I have a pitbull who is just like nana from peter pan and is the most mother like dog that I have ever owned!

I could go on and on with the sterotypes that make us laugh here at our house but that’s not the point of this weekend re-cap!

The whole pitbull mis-conceptions make us laugh.. I mean look at this BIG BABY!


OK!  Sooo

THIS gorgeous couple is coming to the blog THIS WEEK… so be sure to keep reading and keep checking back!  Happy first week of JUNE!Stunning Outerbanks SeaGlass Wedding Brooke Tucker Photography


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