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What happens when you live in a coastal area that really never used to get snow but has had a winter that has been covered in it?!  You gather up your girlfriends… make one of them put on her summer designer bridal gown (yep) and you go out for a pretty fun snowy bridal session!

At least… that’s what we did!

Lauren (who was just an incredibly amazing trooper), Elizabeth and I did just that on a cold Saturday morning!

We don’t really ever experience snow that sticks around and so when ours actually did… we thought,  who wouldn’t love a chance to get their bridal portraits done in the snow?!  It’s never an option for us!

So I kind of forced it on Lauren and then coerced Elizabeth to tag along!

There were so many amazing parts of that morning (that only lasted about 30 minutes because it really was freezing!).

The three of us had a blast and it was nothing short of a goofy, girly, silly time!

What also ended up happening is that two photographer BFF’s who often shoot together (all the time) were finally able to share this idea visually with our friends and family!

Two photographers and the closest of friends who have learned this world together, navigated this business together, and shoot with a similar style actually come together on the same session (ONE SHOOT) and produce two totally different perspectives!

It’s actually really remarkable!

There seems to be a lot of comparison these days and I really do believe the saying that “comparison is the thief of joy!”

No two people are a like… no matter how hard they could ever try!

Everyone has their own unique and wonderful perspective and spin on things.  Everyone has their own style!

Elizabeth and I have been working together on shoots, weddings and sessions for so many years now!  It’s funny because there are times when we don’t even have to speak we know each other that well.  We have the same ideas for staging rings or setting up a pose or a type of location!  That kind of relationship is not made… it’s just one that you know is a blessing!  It’s meant to be!

Yet even though there are times we can be right in sync with one another, we will always see through our lens in a different way!  It’s amazing and it’s something I will always appreciate and be thankful for.  It’s what makes us better photographers… separate and together.  We lift each other up, we help each other grow and we compliment each other.  Always!

And that is my favorite part about photography!

One session:  two perspectives!

So check out our really fun snowy bridal portraits with Lauren!  And by the way, can we just talk about how GORGEOUS she is?!  Who else can look THIS fabulous in a summer bridal gown in the freezing cold snow!  She looks fabulous and she rocked out every second of it!  She is a rockstar!

Be sure to check out Elizabeth Friske’s blog too for her vision and perspective on our session!  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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