Weekend Re-cap- Realizing how blessed we are


This weekend was crazy!  

It was not my favorite weekend!  On Friday, I had all these plans!  I do that… I make plans.  I love plans.  I love planners.  I love coming up with plans.  I love writing plans down.  I love crossing the plans off.  I love it when a plan comes together!! I love getting excited about the plan!

Plans!!! Plans.  Are.  Awesome!!!

Except, Life doesn’t DO plans!  In fact, this is something I learn over and over again… Life laughs at my plans face!  It’s a good thing actually because really, I plan the plans and I have planned time to even make plans.  So really.. I can say a thank you to life for laughing at my planning self!  It’s a good lesson for me to learn (especially with a toddler!)

Anyway, back to Friday… I made all these plans about what we were going to do this weekend!  I was excited!

Then… Life happened, as it does!  Saturday was nuts.  Linc went to soccer as usual and he was his wild and crazy self!

I had a few valentines mini’s but my plans for that went in a different direction (a good direction and an adorable direction) but a different one.

Linc decided to crash the party in a big way and about half way through, I got a migraine!

I get awful migraines.  The kind that are hemiplegic… half my face and side of my body becomes numb, paralyzed and droops.  It’s super beautiful and attractive!

So my plans to go out with the family that day… well they were ditched when I had to trade them in for sleeping upstairs in a dark and quiet room!

Sunday was shaping up to be a better day but again… life just happens!  Small things happen and big things happen and it’s in between that I realize how these moments are helping me to slow down a bit and just appreciate what IS!

Sometimes we just don’t need to plan.  Sometimes we just need to sit back and take stock of what IS… in this moment.

Plans be gone sometimes… we never know what is in store for us!  Enjoy each second for what it is.  This is my lesson for this year I think!

Little crasher below with his lolipop sticky mouth and soccer shirt!  He decided to lay down and join the fun… except it was on HIS terms as it usually is! 😉




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