Weekend Recap- Indoors Smindoors!


Oh my… when I said it was nice to unplug and that I wanted to do it more often, I wasn’t prepared to really do it all week!  

Someone must have really heard me because no sooner had I said that did my little man come home and goop himself up wiht double pink eye!  SOOO GROSS!!!!

Needless to say we spend the entire week (and most of the weekend) indoors and quarantined with our lovely eye drops and our movies and our legos!

I did get extra snuggles (which was awesome) and surprisingly I didn’t catch it myself!  HOORAY!

But no work was done and I totally neglected e mail, blog, and website!

All in all, we had a boring week and weekend just watching Monster’s University (which Linc is suuper into) and some Peter Pan.  All on repeat of course.  We baked some bread together and some muffins and built tower after tower.

We did have a little fun…  Linc got some new bath toys which was super exciting to him (it’s the little things right!) So he was all about getting in the tub as much as he could!

Yesterday was Tippers bath day and usually Linc loves to help with that!  Linc decided Tipp needed to get in the BIG tubby and that he did too…

so of course, mom broke out the camera!

Sorry folks.. I know it’s not the best image (especially technically) but it’s the only one that Linc is modest in if you catch my drift.

Toddler boys… is it just mine or do they all LOVE being naked?!!!

Hope you all had a way more exciting weekend than we did!



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