Alena + John | A downtown DC Engagement


I’ve known Alena since High School!  Our high school (at least I feel) was a bit different than other high schools.  My class always was really close with the other classes, especially the class right below us… Alena’s class!  We were always hanging out together!  In fact, I can’t really remember a homecoming or prom where Alena and the rest of her girls weren’t with us!

Alena hasn’t changed at all since high school!  She is the exact same bright, beautiful and bubbly girl!  I was super excited when she e mailed me to let me know she and John were engaged and wanted to meet with me to talk about their wedding!  In fact… when I read the e mail, I scared Tuck half the death because I actually squealed out loud!

We agreed to meet at Alena’s parents house to talk over all the details!  Alena and John were flying in from DC where they lived and I was DYING to meet John!  You see… knowing Alena, I knew John had to be something pretty special!  We sat down for coffee with Alena’s parents and immediately, I felt at home!  Our meeting was filled with laughter and teary eyes.  I knew right away when it comes time for Alena to see her dad on the day of the wedding, I’m going to need a box of tissues!  I knew Alena and John were going to make this a crazy fun filled adventure!  An adventure that makes me appreciate every second I spend with them and every second they remind me how lucky we all are when we find the one we are truly made for!

You don’t just meet people like Alena and John every day and you don’t just get to know them.  You truly become family!

I met Alena and John in DC for their super fun engagement session! We met at the park across the street from where they live.  The park where John actually proposed to Alena!  We planned a little picnic to start of our afternoon.  What we didn’t plan on was the interpretive dancers or the numerous weddings that were going to take place at the park that day!

Alena and John kept us all laughing as we strolled around to find the best locations!  I was even treated to a impromptu interpretive duet!

Once the crowds started to head out, we were able to snag a picture right at the spot where John proposed!  This might be my favorite from the park!

From here, we moved on to downtown Alexandria!  Alena: GIRL!!! You are looking GORGEOUS!!!!

These are some of my most favorite shots of the evening!  You two… you rock!  John, you have the nuzzle DOWN!  And Alena, serious model face girlfriend!

Alena and John’s joy and excitement is contagious!  Their laughter is infectious and I can’t wait for their wedding this spring!  It’s going to be AMAZING and I feel beyond blessed and honored to be able to be a part of their special day!

I can’t wait to photograph you guys as bride and groom!!!!

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