Happy Halloween from the Tuck’s (and a little give away)


We are so excited for tonight’s festivities!  Linc had a blast last year;  you know after we forced him into his costume and pushed him out the door/dragged him on a walk to the neighbors all in the name of treat or treat please hand over the pumpkin for candy!  He actually did kind of love it after he realized what the night was all about!  Not too sure he really understand it all, but homesslice really enjoyed running to the handful of houses we hit and handing out his little pumpkin bucket.  He’s a fast learner this one when it comes to candy!

This year, Linc is ALL about it!  I love this age so incredibly much.  He is really understanding what this is about more and more each day!  We have even “practiced” our knocks on the doors and saying (and clearly pronouncing) our trick or treats while handing over our little pumpkin bucket!

This kid LOVES it!  He even likes his costume this year, which I’ll be honest, is the exact same as last year!  It’s too darn cute to not put that thing to work!  Plus it’s pottery barn kids so you know that thing was “well made” should we just say, and we are going to stuff him in this little costume until the seams bust!  Work that Max costume out bud!

This year we are going all out.  The whole family is going to dress up for our short trip down the sidewalk!  This is Tuck’s favorite time of year, and although he says he’s not dressing up… he is!  You can’t LOVE and claim this is your favorite holiday and then not participate to the fullest extent.  Tell me I am right on this friends!!!

I even bought Tipps a tutu so she can walk around with us!  She will be getting some treats of her own at each house for great walking behavior!

We hope you guys have a happy and SAFE halloween wherever you are!

In honor of this amazing time of year (this really is soo cool, I love when kids get to play dress up and pretend to be their favorite people!) I’m going to run a little give away!


Send in a pic of your little one dressed in their costume on halloween (any image will do) by 9 pm on Monday, November 3, 2014!  It will go in the raffle to win a STARBUCKS GIFT CARD (so you can have all the PSL you like!)  

Pic’s will be posted on the blog too!


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