Weird and Great: elePANTS and run away BOBS



  • Big Boy Bed!  Still working out amazingly!  Linc’s still sleeping in it all through the night and hasn’t had the desire to get out of it once we tuck him in.  His sleeping has been much more peaceful and our bed time routine is now all of our favorite parts of the night!
  • ElePHHHHANTS with a tongue that sticks out in all sorts of ways and gets tangled and moves outside of the mouth!  It’s AMAZING and I will never ever correct him on this EVER!  Linc used to say elepents… now he says elePPPPHHHANTS which is on the right track to being pronounced correctly but it’s hysterical.  He sticks his tongue outside of his mouth and then the tongue just kind of runs away from itself.  It’s AWESOME!
  • Mud puddles… all the time!
  • Published!  I’m really excited that this fall I will be featured on a couple of blogs and that’s really a honor and I’m truly blessed!


  • Setting the alarm off inside the house.  I forgot I set it last night and then quickly tried to open the door to let the dog outside.  That thing is LOUD and it scared and panicked ALL of us!
  • I bought my girlfriends BOB and I was super stoked about it.  Tuck and I had been talking about upgrading to a BOB since he likes to race and wanted to take Linc on longer runs.  I got an amazing deal and she was giving me the low down on it.  She explained to me that the handbrake didn’t lock so not to leave it parked on a hill because well… it won’t stay put.  Linc and I said goodbye to my girlfriend and her boys and we took the BOB and parked it in our garage.  We walked inside, closed the garage door and we went upstairs to nap.  I came downstairs after a while to see a BOB hanging out in the middle of the street just staring at the house.  I laughed and thought man that’s an expensive stroller for our new neighbors to leave lying around.  About 10 minutes later, I realized OH CRAP… that’s OUR new BOB and ran outside to realize that I guess we live on a hill and the time it took for me to close the garage door with Linc… our new BOB rolled down the driveway and into the street!
  • Getting pulled over… and getting a ticket, in front of your house!  Yeah that happened!
  • I made an awesome dinner… and then we had to order pizza.  Wahn Wahn!
  • Sneeze-Pee.  It still happens to me and my baby is 2!  When will it end!!!!!
  • I keep thinking lately about all the sweet little things I do for Lincoln and how that’s going to effect him later on in life.  All I keep thinking is how I should write an apology to his future wife!  “Sorry you will forever have to rub his back and head!”  I’m just really so sorry!

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