Coaching re-cap with Katelyn James

July 17, 2014


Last year was a huge year and I really owe most of it to a couple of people:  my hubs of course, my girlfriend Elizabeth for always supporting me and Katelyn James for helping me hunker down, focus and work for this!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I had my coaching with Katelyn James!  Some days I can totally believe it’s been a year.  I look back on all the things we talked about that session and I see the highlighted marks and crossed off sentences and check marks on my notes and I totally believe… yes!  it’s been a year and I’ve done all that!  I’ve accomplished the goals I set out to accomplish and more!  Rock on!

In other ways though, I can’t believe a year has gone by and I am still writing list after list after list of questions that I find I want to ask her and need some guidance and direction.

So I hopped in the car and made the trip to her amazing house and sat down with her again for a two hour re-cap!

IT WAS INCREDIBLE!  She is incredible!  She has this wonderful way of helping you focus, really focus, on what you want!  She helps you see the things that are important, that define who you are, and then devise ways to enhance that so others see it too!

My first coaching session with her was really all about a boost!  I needed to know whether I could really do this:  pursue photography and be a mom to Lincoln the way I wanted to be.  I needed to know that I was good enough!  I was at the point where it was time to either invest our money (some real hefty money) into my business and go after this dream!  Or whether I should just say this isn’t the right time and let’s just call it a beautiful way to document my family and be done!

Katelyn helped me do that last year.  She gave me the confidence I needed to invest in myself and my business!  She gave me the confidence to go after this with a new passion.

So this session this year was totally different!  I’m totally different now and in a totally different place!  I’ve upped my game and I’m at a new place with myself.

This time I came with questions specific to my business (and a lot of them were business questions).  I had a complete list from the simple things like what’s the best format to send a portrait contract online to how to connect with people through social media!

Katelyn is everything you would ever imagine her to be!  She truly has a passion for education and she wants everyone to benefit from her knowledge and experience.  She has the most wonderful heart!  She answered all my questions and more and gave me a huge wealth of knowledge I am forever grateful for!

One of the biggest tips I learned from her was to let people connect with you and that is what she does so extremely well!  She invites the world into her life by sharing who she is on her blog!  She shares her life with Michael and with Bokeh and she is 100 percent genuine!  When you think of Katelyn (if you follow her on any social media) you know she loves the color teal and she is a total fan of mountain dew and fish filet combo meals!  She shares who she is and because of that her clients are comfortable with her!  She is a fierce business woman but that never gets in the way of her sweet and gentle heart and her openness!

I think this is what makes our industry better and I hope to be a force like this one day!  A force that is kind and sweet.  A force that has a sharp mind for business but can let my heart rule!

After our session, that drive home was so crazy for me!  I had so many ideas and list of things to do running through my head.  It was the quickest 2 hour drive home because I was so excited I was shaking!

Now is my time to create the business I really want!  Even though I’ve been doing this for some time now, I feel like I’m really just starting and creating myself in the eyes of the world.  I hope that I can some day be as focused as Katelyn.  I hope that I can run my business in a way that is as sensitive and open as I am with my heart on my sleeve but driven too.  I hope I can be as strong in business as she is but also focused on others!

It’s time to start the hustle and man that hustle is good!

So one huge epic fail I had that day was to leave my camera in the car!  I totally forgot to take even one picture of us and don’t even have a single instagram picture or selfie!  FAIL FAIL FAIL!

Guess my coaching session pics from last year will have to do!


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