Splashes, Trucks and Paddle Boards!


This summer seems to be flying by faster than ever!  Even though the days are long, they seem to come and go quicker than I can count.

Right now we are spending as much time as we can outside in between the rain storms and lightning “claps”.

Linc is loving all his time swimming in the pool and I can’t believe what a little fish he is!  Our lives are filled with dump trucks, match box cars, race cars and monster trucks.  Our hands and feet are usually always dirty as we are padding around outside in the grass and rocks we call our own monster jam arena!  Occasionally we catch our own waves on the paddle board in the pool while trying to teach Linc how to surf like his mommy and Gigi and Pop pop!

It’s a wonderfully busy life!  Any momma to any boy can tell you it’s full of dirt and snails and puppy dog tails and the best kind of rough and tumble adventures you can imagine!  The snuggles are few and far between;  but when they do come by, they are the absolute sweetest!

Now that he’s two he is really changing so much!  His vocabulary is increasing every day and he loves to tell us stories!  He tells us about his day, about yesterday, about two weeks ago!  He loves to talk to his trucks and he loves to take care of all his animals!  He is always talking!  Sometimes he’s even making screeching noises and that’s when we say we lost our toddler to a pterodactyl!

Our house is filled with little mine fields in forms of cars and lego’s and mini garage pieces.  So be forewarned if you come over because I know my fellow parents out there will agree with an AMEN that stepping on any one of those is a form of torture that is unspeakable!  Keep your flops around!

Here is a snap shot of our June and early July!  Hope you are having an outdoor kind of summer too filled with lightning bug captures and camp fire desserts:  both which we plan on introducing Linc too this next month!


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