U is for Umbrella- H in the rain


Sometimes all is takes to keep in your bag of tricks is to have a little bit of  a ” let’s just do it!” kind of attitude!  A not worry about tears/tantrums kind of attitude!  A not worry about what might get wet or messy or dirty kind of mind set!  A care free ,have fun in the rain kind of burst of energy!

H came over to play for a brief little moment yesterday and of course as soon as she and Angie arrived, the storms and rain pounded down on us no sooner than they stepped foot in the doorway!  It was really scary actually but the little ones handled it really well!  (If you read my post just before this one, you now know that I was the most scared of all)!

In a brief lull of the thunder and lighting, we looked outside and realized that our street had flooded and Angie had a brilliant idea! It was completely spur of the moment and those always turn out to be the best moments.

Angie is creating an alphabet book for H and she has been waiting for the right time to get her U is for Umbrella!  The umbrella happened to be in the car (coincidence, I think not!)I think it was totally meant to be!  Angie ran out, grabbed her umbrella and without hesitation we all darted outside in the rain and the storm to jump in some puddles.  H had never played in a giant puddle like this before so Angie really didn’t know what her reaction would be, but throwing caution to the wind she let her fun playful side win out over worrying about wet clothes and tears and H had a BLAST!  She only cried when we had to take her inside!

After and the best part was when we put H in some of Linc’s clothes for her drive home to Williamsburg!  It was so funny seeing this beautiful little girl in Linc’s super boy clothes but her pink boy totally made it all up!  You could put H in a paper bag and she would still look adorable!

Here are few snap shots for U is for Umbrella:

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