I was the Fire Chief’s daughter… so there are certain things about me you should probably know!  Reasons why this blog post will be so short and why you won’t see me brave the weather some days!

  • I am terrified of fire works!  When I was little, I would sit at the boardwalk with my family with my hands over my ears screaming.  Back then it was probably because of the noise, let’s go with that.  Today… I sit in my bed with the covers over me because I’m terrified one of the neighbors will accidentally light my house on fire!
  • I am also slightly afraid of sparklers!  Don’t ask me to hold one!  I can take pictures of sparklers, I can stand near them, maybe even pass them out… just don’t ask me to hold one during your exit!
  • I usually know where every single exit is in a building!  Every Single Exit… and I know how to reach them in a calm and polite manner.  Just ask me about my first day in the dorms in college!!! Just ask…
  • Camp Fires:  My seat is just a hair farther back than any of yours
  • lightning storms:  Every appliance in my house is unplugged from the toaster to the washer and dryer if I can manage it.  I don’t like them.  I sometimes scream and yelp!  I might need someone to cuddle with even.  And heaven forbid I have to drive in it!

So because of this (because it’s storming here in VB as I sit and try to blog this) I’m signing out and resigning to the fact that sometimes your blog posts have to be about the real life stuff.  So this is me… scared of thunder and lightning!  This is me, unplugging my computer!  This is me saying it’s OK to have a losing blog day if it means our house doesn’t get struck!

Oh and by the way… if my son is sticky, his hair is a crazy mess of bed head and he smells like a boy tomorrow it’s because we also don’t run the bath or the shower during lightning!  That’s crazy talk and you could totally get struck!

I know I’m crazy… but hey, at least I’m a safe and lovable crazy!

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