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Beautiful bright colors, bubbles, jelly beans and swings: nothing better on a Sunday than those things!  Maybe if we add some kisses and hugs and giggles!

My session on Sunday was perfection!

A while back I asked my readers to nominate a very special someone for a mommy and me session.  These sessions are extremely dear to my heart right now and I wanted to be able to share the joy of these sessions with someone who would understand how they make my heart swell!

As mommas we are so often busy taking care of everyone and everything around us, we forget to stop and breath or take a minute just to ourselves.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the wonderful and crazy aspects of being a mother that we forget to step outside the day to day tasks and really look at what an amazing bond we have with our little ones.  These sessions do all of those things:  they force us as moms to slow down and really see ourselves through our children’s eyes!

What better gift can we give ourselves or to our friends who are also mommas?!

When Sarah wrote in about Morgan… I cried!  Her words, short and sweet, struck such a chord with me~

“Hi Brooke,

I read about your giveaway and I just have to nominate my dear friend, Morgan Lemley.  Morgan is such a wonderful mother to her two year old, Avery.  Like most of us, the pressures of working full time and trying to handle a toddler has made her question the quality of mother that she is recently.  I know from witnessing her skills that she is a superior mom and would love to show her how amazing I think she is by having her win this contest.  I hope that if she wins, each time she looks at these photographs – it will be affirmation of just how blessed and incredible she really is.

Thanks for your consideration,


Morgan is an incredible momma!  She is fun and energetic and she can let her guard down and be goofy right along with Avery!  Their bond is incredible:  one that any little girl would be lucky to have with her mom!  Avery looks to Morgan in everything she does, even though she likes to seem tough and independent!  She is full of the best kind of sweet sass and what’s incredible is how the two of them are so much alike!  They make the same faces and laugh the same laugh!  Both Morgan and Avery are the kind of girls that make sure everyone around them feels included and comfortable!  They make everyone around them feel special!

Our session was full of love and fun and laughter!

Here are some of my favorites!

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